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When Jeff and I got to Aspen for some fun, professional freestyle skiing, I got a short job at Aspen Sports up in Snowmass.  This guy comes up to the counter asking for his Hexel skis.  I said "what's your name?"  He said its right there on the skis.  since there were 4 pairs of Hexels and I was busy, I said "What's your name?".  Turned out to be John Denver.


That Snowmass shop turned out to be even better.  This blonde showed one day up asking to get her skis tuned.  I said 'Sure, no problem".  Do you want to try them after and i can show you some stuff?  Turned out to be Suzy Chaffee!  Then as her usual self, she said "I have to get going to ski with President Ford!".  She could swear like a sailor too!