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Dryland training for Kid/Junior Racers

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Here's a links to a provinces training program for racers 6 and above , well more for 11 and above. Seems pretty complete and intensive. Starts May 6 and should be done 3 times a week. Not all details on site but tests and norms given. Any comments. My daughters team start dryland in Sept. and I think one week day ( 2hours) and one weekend 3 hours.

Any comments.
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This is one of the best ski fitness sites I've seen! Your daughter is in good hands!
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Well not quite, maybe my brothers kids as they live in Ontario. Alberta Alpine doesn't yet have a program. I found it doing a search to delelop a program for my daughter. I agree lots of good info.
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Just a comment, if you dig into the site in the area of test results look at the number of chin ups male vs. females at different ages. Wow is that striking. Start of the same with females a little higher, then the boys increase and the girls go down to about 1/4 of the boys by 17.
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Both links above are gone.

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The fitness tests organized by Alpine Ontario have been running for quite a few years now, and the testing protocols have been very well thought out.  There are several good dryland programs in the area that use these test results to develop appropriate & effective training programs for the athletes.


The former fitness director at AOA, who had a lot to do with this testing program, is still actively involved with programs at clubs in the Collingwood area.  There is a great fitness manual available from her website:




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