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Time to upgrade the gear

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I bought some K2 Four 98 198cm skiis a few years ago to learn how to ski (w/ Marker 8.2 bindings) I can ski most anything now but I want a good powder ski that can still ski well around the mountain. I heard the bandit XX is a good ski- I am trying to decide between that and the XXX. Or does anybody have any recommendations for a good expert set o skis?

I also want to get some nice boots. I heard the Saloman Xwave 10.0 are pretty sweet. Any suggestions here?



p.s. I ski mainly at Alta, UT.
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The Bandit XX sounds fine. I have a friend who swears by the Volkl G4 in any condition, especially powder. You may want to consider that ski, at least (all mountain fattie). Hard to go wrong with a volkl!

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You will be happy with either the XX or the XXX. Youre choice will have to be made by where you spend most of your time. Do you like to cruise the groomes or hit the fresh stuff, would rather ski bumps, or trees and chutes. If i were skiing in Utah a lot i would probably have a ski that was at least 74 or 75 in the waist for free skiing, i woudlnt want to go less than that. The XX fits this requirement. I have skied the XX but not the XXX - really no need for it in the east so the guys that demo skis dont buy them, as there is just about no demand for them. you might also look towards the volkl G4... not sure what it is in the waist, but it seems that it is bigger than the XX and less than the XXX... As far as boots go, the X-wave 10.0 is a great boot but dont buy from what other people say. Go to get fitted, and ignore what boot is on your foot, just pay attention to how it feels on your foot.
Good luck, hope that helped a little
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Get some Head Monsters - they're big burly skis, will plow through anything, go as fast as you want, and are between the G4 and XXX in width.
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K2 Four 98 198cm :

That is a loooong ski my friend. You did not give your weight/height, but you should consider something shorter in a mid-fat or fat ski.
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jaromski, given that you mainly ski Alta, I'd say it's a no-brainer on what type of ski to get. Go with a fat ski. I demoed a bunch over the past two seasons and ended up buying the Dynastar Big. I've got about half a dozen days on them this season here in CO and it's insane how stable this ski is. Also, what really surprised me is that you can carve just as well on a fat ski as a mid-fat or skinny ski. Also, skiing Alta you'll appreciate the float a fat ski gives you. As far as skis to try there are a lot of great fats out there. The ones I liked the best are the Big, Rossi XXX (last years), Fischer Alltrax 84 and Volkl G4. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to demo Atomic's 10EX. To me the Volkl seem a little less versatile than the Dynastar or Rossi, it seemed a bit stiff for a fat ski and it wasn't as bump friendly as the others. I don't think you can go wrong with any of the above.

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Yeah I ski a pretty long ski, but I am also 6'5" and weigh 195 lbs. There is a demo day this Saturday at Deer Valley (Dec15) hopefully I can test out a few good pairs of fatty skis. I am stoked.

Thanks everybody for the suggestions


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Without even having skied on it, I think the XWave 10.0 is one hell of a stiff boot. I couldn't budge the thing in the comfort of my local retails store. Let alone in freezing temps outdoors. I'm 5'10" and 175lbs, so I opted for the XWave 8.0. Most of the same features (including heat-mouldable liner... mmmm...), but a lot less stiff.

Make sure whatever you get is comfortable, and that you can really bend the thing.

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My 2 cents:
Try a demo on the K2 Axis X Pro (probably the 195 if you can get them).
I'm on the 181, and love them. They were great in Whistler in the Pow and on the piste/bumps. But I am only 6ft.

There may be better skis out there, but I'm a fan of US made K2s and the Pros are the last of the normal skis they're making in the US this year.

As for boots, try some of the high end Technicas. I was really impressed with them in the shop, although I've held on to my Salomons for another season.

Whatever you choose, make sure they fit properly, and buy a good insole or liner.

I could go on, but remember, you're the one who will be wearing the boots and skiing, so don't rely on anything I say!

I was wrong once.
It was a Monday in June, 1981. I remember the day well.
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Yo Jaromski...

Don't buy anything until you demo a pair of Atomic 10 Ex's. I didn't think anything could touch my Salomon Supermountains until I took these puppies out on another fresh powder dump at Whistler last week. Exceptional float, awesome carving on soft groomers. Didn't get a chance to check them out on ice - simply too much pow around. They're incredibly light' I'm 6' 195 lbs and skied the 192's They simply rock. I want to trade in my Pilot 10's for a pair of these.
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I think the idea of some new boots is a good one with custom or well fitting insoles, along with proper alignment.

Keep the old skis, and try to go to some mountains that have on mountain performance centers so you can demo for yourself.
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