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traveling to steamboat

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I was thinking of taking a different route to steamboat and was wondering your opinion.  


Instead of doing the traditional I-70 W route, I was thinking of heading north from Denver to 34/36W which goes by Estes and Rocky Mountain National Park and then hit 40 for the last part of the trip.   Since we don't have to be at hotel until 4pm I thought that would give our group a nice scenic ride.


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You need to see if that route is open.  

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Trail Ridge Road i.e. US 34 in Rocky Mountain NP is closed:


Taking I-70 West to US 40 (to drive by Winter Park) is pretty scenic and different.  Plus Sharky's ( in Fraser has excellent green chili.  

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Thanks for the info.   Will check out sharky's for lunch.

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This is why it's not open in the winter.  :D  Clearing the snow to get open in May:



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Hwy 14 over Cameron Pass would be a nice, no traffic alternative.
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I-70 was in good shape and traffic was moving along nicely headed westbound. Not so much going eastbound. We went over Vail pass and it was no big deal. Not much snow or traffic. We took 131 up through State Bridge and most of it was good also. The roads were snow covered around Topanos, as expected. Nice drive and much better than expected.

post #8 of 11 gives road conditions which is great, has road cams


I'd concur that Winterpark to SB is nice, could even ski WP if time permits.  From WP, in good conditions it's around 2hrs ....

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We just rolled into Steamboat.  I-70 was a bit more than this flatlander is used to.  But 9 / 40 was great.  Rabbbit's Ear Pass was slow but doable.  Empty of cars at night.

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Anybody have any thoughts about making it through to Steamboat from Denver tomorrow afternoon (March 1) via I 70 and rt. 9 north? Snow is predicted. Thanks!
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great call on Sharky's.  

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