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The ultimate exercise for skiing is...

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skiing??? I've been reading up on all LM recommeded sites and all (thnks LM [img]smile.gif[/img]--and it seems to me the ultimate form of functional exercise is the sport itself.

Say getting some Super slaloms and hard carving your way down the groomers really working your stance leg (none of that 2 footed stuff!). then on the lift and start again. It'd work strength, balance and cardio and in an interval type workout. Maybe this is partly why the Austrians r free skiing the shorties?

Hard to do in the summer so I'm going with LM's recommedations (already have a balance board which is HARD), but come the 1st snow i may spend my 1st few days fitness training on the slopes.
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You are absolutely correct! Skiing is the ULTIMATE functional exercise!

Something interesting: I've spoken many times about a balance problem I have on my right leg, due to a car accident.

I have been practicing a gazillion one leg balance exercises for that problem.

This season, upon returning from Fernie and attempting to learn powder skiing, I found that my right side balance had improved!

But here's the problem. How often can you ski? Its usually not enough time per year for the improved balance and proprioception to be permantly imprinted, that's why supplemental work is needed.
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What up!

Hey man, I been doing my ball exercises for a week now. Man, my back feels so much better! The pain is practically gone.

I have like a 25 minute exercise routine I do each day. Different stretches, and situps. Man alive, I'm on fire!

Hey. The next we see each other I'll bring my ball. We could do some training!

Cheers Lisa,
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True enough that no better exercise for skiing is skiing.

But for skiing there are a few other sports that will greatly assist your skiing.

Inline Skating or roller blading come to mind. Get yourself a pair of fitness trainer inlines. (almost speed skates, long track, 4-5 wheels). And after you learn to turn and stop on them work on "carving" on them. Then get yourself some ski poles, put some tennis balls on the ends and find some mild hills first, then steeper ones. You can really generate some pretty good G's carving them.

Just some thoughts..
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I'm interested in your suggestion of fitness trainer inlines. I can't find a retailer who lists them as such (speed skates are relatively easy to find, though), so I was wondering if you had any recommendations. I had previously gotten a pair of relatively cheap rollerblades, but the boot fit and less-than-stellar components made me shelve them.

I'm going to try to stay somewhat in shape this summer for next season, with the possibility of attending a summer ski camp at Mt Hood in August. This rollerblade thing might be the answer, since I generally get bored in gyms fairly quickly.
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last year I went through this process.
K2 makes a few pairs or used to.
Rollerblade does also.
However I settled on Salomon

Good boot, and then had custom insoles made.

These things are great.
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I've never tried rollerblading, what makes the turn do they have some kind of rocker or different sized wheels at the ends?
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Ahh. Good question.

You can get them rockered but..

Lets take this to a new thread.

Check in the off season forum. I'll start a new thread there.
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