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Which skis to keep

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I was helping a friend clean out a garage today and found two pairs of skis in decent shape that he wanted to toss.  They look about my height so I'm planning to keep one pair and donate the other to salvation army.  I don't know much about ski gear at all so could use some advice.


I am 5'10" 155 lb, intermediate skill level - can do all blues and easy blacks, basic terrain jumps.  Been skiing a few times a year for about 10 years but never had my own pair of skis.


First pair are Head C200 163 cm with head bindings (didn't get model #)

Second pair are K2 Escape 5500 167 cm with Rossignol Fd 65 bindings


Which ones should I keep?  Both are in equally decent condition.


Thank you in advance.

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The big question is whether either set of bindings is indemnified. The K2s are over ten years old, so guessing the bindings won't be worked on at any shop. The other skis are newer, so maybe the bindings are okay, but without the model info we can't tell you.
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Welcome to EPIC SKI, I am sure someone will weigh in on the skis for you, the real issue is the bindings. Every year binding manufacturers supply a list of the bindings that they deem safe to use. If you binding is not on the list no shop will remount it, work on it, or adjust it due to the risk of being sued. Bindings are mounted on skis based on the boot sole length of the user which is measured in millimeters, so unless you boot is the same size as the previous user they need to be remounted and tested for which most shops charge $40. 


Skis like all sporting equipment is constantly evolving, that is the new stuff is better than the stuff sold several years ago. In some respects it is like throwing good money after bad to try to salvage those skis. Of all of the cost related to skiing, travel, lodging, food, car expenses, ski clothing and a lift ticket, the equipment cost is just a fractional cost. If you ski infrequently renting gear is a much better idea, that way you get current equipment that is always up to date and in good condition.


I have seen the bins of skis in my local Good Will store, unfortunately about all that can be done with them is make ski furniture or a ski fence.


Don't mean to rain on your parade but that is the status.

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I think your friend has the right idea.  Toss 'em both.

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Originally Posted by Ghost View Post

I think your friend has the right idea.  Toss 'em both.
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