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Burning toes after 20 mins, then numb toes.

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Hi all,

I'm after a bit of help and any further suggestions of ideas to try. I have always had this problem so I know it's related to me and not the fit of the boot or the specific boot that I have. I've had the same problem in rental boots and my own boots but I really need to sort it out as it's starting to hold me back a bit.

I have been to see two very good boot fitters both have made some mods and suggestions but unfortunately having returned last week from the mountains I still have the same problems. The only other suggestion has been daleboot but before I look into this I thought I'd ask opinions on a few forums and at least try and find someone who has or experienced the same problem.

My boots are Rossignol 110 flex, last 104mm and size 26.5
My foot is 265mm, 101 width with a calf of 14 inches. Weight is 168lbs

The boots have been fitted correctly , have footbeds and a heel lift.

One of my main problems is lack of dorsiflexion of the ankle. I've yet to investigate this further but have recently read that it could be due to scar tissue etc forming in the front of the ankle from where I used to play a lot of football. Reducing the motion of the ankle and flexibility.

The problem is that after roughly 20 mins my toes (starting from the big toe and moving across mainly the first three toes start to go hot / numb. Once it starts there is no stopping it the only releif is to take the boot off and depending on how long I've put up with the pain I get an intense throbbing pain in the front of my foot for up to a minute when the boot is off. Afterwards the toes can be numb on the ends for a while. After a weeks skiing I'm finding that a week later they still feel a little numb on the ends but are nearly back to normal (not good).

So what I've done so far is :-

Used very thin socks
Skied with a heel wedge
Base grind
Taken out the boot spoiler
Exercises to increase ankle range of motion
Stretched the toe area of the liner.

Unfortunately no improvement.

I even get the feeling in my feet when the liner is out of the boot and I just wear the liner on my foot. Not as intense as when in the boot but the feeling is def there which surprised me, not sure what to think of this ?

I don't have any problems with any other type of footwear.

That's my story, if anyone can help it would be most appreciated. The next step for me will be to contact daleboot but before I do that open to any comments.

Thanks v much
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Hi AndyW,


If you have limited dorsiflexion a heel lift would make sense, added to that thought--- your calf size along with the forward lean of the boot,

is pushing your knees forward too far. Upward movement (extension) will push your calf into the back of the upper shell, this will in turn push your toes/feet forward in the toebox where the boot is narrower, squeezing your met heads which can pinch the dorsal pedis nerve, making your toes go numb.



 This problem could be eliminated by flaring the upper boot shell to the rear, which would allow you to extend more without pushing your feet forward, and also improve your fore/aft balance.


You might also benefit from tightening the ankle buckle (second from top) till it hurts then back off till it is just comfortable---this will hold the liner and your feet in the rear of the shell.  The ankle buckle is the only one that can hold you the others will only put your feet to sleep and hurt if you over tighten them.



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Hi Mike,

Thanks very much for the reply.

I have looked into flaring the cuff of the boot backwards, but have not had it completed yet. What you have written makes perfect sense to me as I feel when strapped into the boot that in some ways most of the forward flex that I physically have is already used up. Then forward lean of my current boot is 14 degrees, presumably this cancels out my limited flex and gives no value when I'm in the boots. Interesting comment on extension I'll pay attention to that next time I ski.

My calf muscles I feel are quite large. From the boot I currently use I measured the 14-14.5 inches at the top of the liner just above the cuff. Do you feel this is quite a large measurement for a boot?

Regarding the ankle buckle I currently do this and try and get the foot into the back of the boot as much as I can. Foot buckles I do up just enough to squeeze the boot together (loose) and the top buckle I do up enough but not too tight, mainly adjusted to match the powerstrap tension.

thanks very much for the Info.
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