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Global Skiing podcast

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My name is Tom and I'm a member of the Australian Professional Snowsports Instructors demo team. I have begun a podcast series interviewing different technical skiers from around the world in the hope that I can share some great information and ideas from some of the best.

The first two interviews are completed and online. Reilly McGlashan and Paul Lorenz. If you feel like checking out my series here is the link. The second interview is not yet on iTunes, it's on but should be up there soon. Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas on the podcast.

I hope you enjoy.

Future skiers to be interviewed include JF Beaulieu, Jonathon Ballou and Norm Kreutz to name a few.
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Interesting, how about these guys:

Klaus Mair - Director, Treble Cone Ski School and maker of most downloaded ski instruction video clip on YouTube

Bob Barnes - Epic Ski co-founder, Senior Instructor, Aspen Ski School

Jim Forster - Epic Ski , Senior Instructor, Snow Basin Mountain Ski School

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Here's some Reilly short turns to go along with his podcast 

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Great interview. Keep it coming. If you can try and cover the gear your guest prefers and set up in more detail. In the first podcast you touched on boots lightly but more info would be better.

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Hi Tom, 


I enjoyed that podcast! What really interested me was when you discussed Reilly's focus on biomechanics and reducing stressors on the discs in the spine. This segment separated your podcast from the plethora of interviews out there.


There are a small number of high-level instructors (CSIA IV, APSI IV, etc) who have backgrounds in kinesiology, physics, osteopathy, physiotherapy, chiropractic, podiatry/bootfitting, psychology - I would love to hear more from these high end instructors and how their complementary training has influenced their skiing and teaching.

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