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Quiver adjustment help for Tahoe skier

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My daily driver for the past few years has been the Dynastar Legend 85 in 178cm length. I have great skis for deep pow days and the day or two after a deep pow day. Last spring I decided to get a carver and found a well used pair of Blizzard Supersonics that still have good life in them.


I am 6'5" tall and weigh about 175 lbs. I am 45 years old and not particularly athletic but have developed decent technique that allows me to ski pretty comfortably on most terrain at Sugar Bowl (I will likely never attempt the Palisades, but everything else is doable for me). I envision that someday we will once again get a good snow year in Tahoe and I'll have lots of soft snow days. In preparation for that I have been thinking of making a quiver modification.


Due to conditions this year I have been mostly on the Supersonics. I absolutely love them for carving groomers. The Legend 85s are good on the groomers but not as fun as the Supersonics. I have a buddy with the same BSL who skis the Line Prophet 100 and so I have tried them for a few runs a number of times in various conditions. I really like them and have found them to be much more versatile than my Legend 85s, particularly in softer, ungroomed snow, which is where I like to ski when conditions allow it.


The Legend 85s were great for a two-ski quiver, but now with the Supersonics I think they don't fit as well with a 3-ski quiver. I have been thinking of selling the Legend 85s and moving my middle ski up a size to the 94-100mm range. Due mainly to financial reasons I don't buy the latest in technology, so I will be looking for something a few years old and hopefully used under 30 days or so.


First question is, should I make this change to my quiver?

Second question is, which skis should I keep in my radar as I look for used skis for sale?


Regarding the specific skis, I've been thinking of looking for the Prophet 100, Elan Spire, Blizzard The One. I don't want a wide carver. This ski would be for soft snow days in the trees and chutes and some soft bump runs. Any thoughts?

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6'5" 175lb? Wow..Unfortunately there is no used ski factory and there is never control to what is used down the road. Something in the mid  to upper 180's for your height and a compliant flex for you weight might be in order. If you are looking at the upper 90mm underfoot range, the Salomon Q98, Atomic Ritual, Nordica NRGy100 and Dynastar Cham 97 would all be on my list, not having my crystal ball recently calibrated, I am not sure what might be available down the road though. 

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If you're going to consider the Q98, you should also consider the Nordica Soul Rider, 97mm and great fun to ski.

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