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Breckenridge or Copper for 1st wed in March?

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And...hoping for recommendations for a hotel for the night.  Doesnt have to be cheap.  Have a ton of Hilton and Marriott points, as well.  I have meetings in Denver on Thursday.  Flying in early on Tuesday afternoon and driving out to either Breckenridge or Copper.  I've skied both but its been 8-9 yrs.  Midweek should cut crowds, I'm expecting


Meeting a work buddy who likes both.  Any suggestions on a decent hotel?  Need to scoot back to Denver Wed evening.


Thanks for any solid suggestions!



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Well gee:


I just booked a week in breck on 3/29, for no other reason than I dilly-dallyed here in CA hoping for some decent snow that never came; looked at the snow accumulations for my pass (vail resorts), and picked what I could get (breck bookings tight in Feb-Mar).  I was there a year ago january and there appeared to be a couple new-ish lodges close to one of the main lifts in the middle of Breck; I think Peak 9; it was pretty busy area.  There are alot of places to stay in that town.  Maybe someone else can help better.


You should probably make a reservation soon.

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If you want to use points, then it's Breck.  There's a doubletree and a Marriott in Breck.  I don't know anything about either.



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Thanks all!  


Trying the DoubleTree.  Will report!


Now...best brewpub??



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There's a small place on main street in a basement that has these amazing street tacos; I say go there and wash it down with a beer.  Someone will have to give you the name of it.


Not to be confused with a nearby large basement place in Breck with a million young people, drink specials, and is big and noisy; reminiscent of what you would find on the main drag at Ohio State if that's what you are into.  There is a local brewery on the far end of town; which I found kinda average at best but does a good business.

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Heading to breck mar 8-15 with my two sons. Downstairs at ERic's I think is the loud place you are talking about. It's a Breck landmark I think. Should I start another thread asking about 'good eats at Breck'?

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Doubletree is across the street from the same slope/ lift that's across a short bridge from the Mariot. The latter is a bit long in the tooth. The former gives you chocolate cookies and will valet your skis to the slope.
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Thanks again to all.   Looking for a clean place to lay my head after dinner and a few IPA's.   Doubletree looked fine for the $$.   The Marriott reviews were less than stellar on TripAdvisor.   


Looking forward to a great day of skiing!

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I have not stayed at the Doubletree, but I have stayed at the Marriott last month at Breck.


I thought the Marriott was quite nice and the location of the Marriott is excellent.  The Marriott is just a 2 minute walk to the slopes at Peak 9 as well as a 2 minute walk to Main Street.  There is a convenient ski valet at the back door of the Marriott facing the slopes.  There is a free smores making event each week.  On a different day each week, there is also a free hot dog cooking event.  Both are quite nice and the cost can't be beat!  There are other events during the week as well.


The Marriott pool and hot tubs are shared with the nearby Hyatt timeshare.  The Marriott parking is underground and warm.  The kitchen was quite nice and well stocked.  There is a game room.


Their 1 bedroom is very large and well furnished.  So all in all, I very much enjoyed our Marriott stay.  Just for background, I travel frequently on business so I have an informed perspective on 4 and 5 star hotels.


My view on the mixed reviews of the Marriott is that there is a gap between people's expectations vs this marriott timeshare:

- first, this Marriott is a timeshare, not a Marriott hotel.  As a result, there is no daily housekeeping service and some other amenities are different.

- second, unlike other Marriott timeshares, there is only a studio and 1 bedroom sized units available.  There are no 2 bedrooms which is atypical for a Marriott timeshare.  That said, the 1 bedroom is quite large and can sleep six.


Overall, I would be happy to stay at this Marriott again and I intend to do so next year.

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