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Neoprene Brace

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Maybe a silly question. Forgive me if it is. Does it make sense to wear one of those neoprene knee braces if your knees don't bother you just to provide an added level of protection to help avoid injury? They're also probably quite warm.
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They're really not "braces," because they have no mechanical support. They are better called "wraps."

The only thing they'll do for you is keep your knee warmer - and maybe even too warm. Neoprene promotes perspiration. Perspiration will get chilly next to your skin.

After my first ACL injury in 1982, the first orthopod I saw gave me a neoprene brace. It didn't do a darned thing. Needless to say, I never went back to that orthopod.

Save your money. Don't bother.
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I'd hate to disagree with Gonzo on their effectiveness, because I have damaged my knee in the past, and used it as a support, and to keep the knee warm while skiing, and it has worked well.
I don't use it when my knee is OK. I think there was a discussion here a few months back about that.
The concern is that if you use the brace all the time, then your leg muscles, etc, will become weaker, not stronger, because the brace is doing the work for you.

In my case, I wear it when my knee is sore, but I don't wear it otherwise.

So far you've got an answer from a lawyer and a mechanical engineer/computer consultant, if you ask nicely, maybe some of our more medical/fitness professionals could add their thoughts...

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Sorry Fox, I have to agree with Gonz on this one.
Just got back from day one of a 2 day seminar with Juan Carlos Santana, the "master" of sports med training.

He recently had ACL surgery and refuses to use the brace. If you are using the brace if you have no injuries, you are training the muscles around your knee NOT to work.
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What about knee pads. I wear my showboard pads that are neopreen with some foam in front, but no support (They go on with velcro which I tighten just enough to keep them up).

I've found my kness r super warm all day and don't get sore after skiing. When I forget to wear them my knees are sore the next day. also I think warm ligaments r less apt to get hurt. Any thoughts?
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To be honest, Trey, I've thought about how unfair it is that snowboarders knock us down, but they get the kneepads on THEIR pants!!!

I'm honestly not sure about this, but at least its not like the pads are doing what your stabilizers should be doing.
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he he he the 2 boarders who tried to tangle with me this yr got an ugly lesson in physics and a quick trip to faceplant city. The "Massive Mass" (my 30 pd Pepsi gut) sure came in handy against boarders whose attitudes were bigger than their bodies. Sorry dudes!!!

IMHO a warm muscle/ligament is a happy flexible mus/lig and the knee pads keep my knees toasty. so far I've had a few ugly backward falls but only a few very minor twinges of the knees so I'll stick with what seems to be working.

might add some shoulder pads too to really clear the path of any big attitudes
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