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Nordica Hell and Back Factory Angles

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Hey all, I need some serious deburring on my H&Bs after playing around in low tide conditions in the Cottonwoods a few weeks ago.  I absolutely love the stock tune on these guys.  Can anybody tell me what the factory bevels are so I don't screw them up?

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I think its 1 and 3.  That's how my Steadfast get tuned and they ski like when they were new.

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Mine came .5 and 1.5 in the plastic, which I hated. I've got them tuned now to 1 and 2, which I came to gradually. You either need to measure them, or, if you got them from a local shop, ask what THEY tuned them to. Two shops here both tune the skis to DIFFERENT tunes as a standard practice. If you demo from one tent, then demo from the other, it's like different skis! So, if you have tuning equipment, use the old marker and guide trick to figure out where they are, or see if your shop can use one of those bevel meters.
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Fortunately, getting skis tuned isn't like buying skis.  Have them tuned to 1 and 2 or 1 and 3 see how you like it.  If you don't changed the next time.  Just remember what you like, once you find it.

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Well, why I agree about setting the angles how I personally like them if I was getting a full tune, thats not what I'm going for here.  I have nasty hanging burrs on both sides from mild rock hits, not major damage (thanks little bugger Cirque traverse rocks that always bite me)  and just want to knwo what teh correct edge angle guide is to clean these up.  Sure I can experiment, but I would prefer to get as close to the original tune as possible to make this easier.   These were from Sierra Jim and Phils end of seaosn amazing deals last year, so tehy saw a little spring action, a lot of wax, and thats it until this year, no shop tune on them.


Edit to add in general I run a 2/1 on almost all of my sticks, except the Praxis Protests

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There's no such thing as screwing up a factory bevel.
They're quite capable of screwing them up at the factory.
Make them what you want.
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@NYSki, if you have a file guide, mark the side edge with a felt-tip pen and run over the marked area using the guide with a diamond or ceramic stone. If the whole mark comes off at the same time, the edge angle matches the guide. If the stone only removes the ink from the top of the edge it's angle is bigger than your guide; if it only removes ink from the bottom of the edge, the edge angle is smaller than the guide.

Same goes with the base. If you only have a few little dings on the base edge you might consider free-handing it, but I use a base bevel guide the rare times I do anything on my base edges

Remember that a metal file won't work on work-hardened burrs and dings; first you need to soften them up by running a diamond or natural stone over the damaged metal (ceramic may work too- I just haven't tried it).

Have fun!
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And if you're taking it to a shop, get them to measure it, and then hope they don't do what they feel like anyway.
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