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Scott Venture Comps?

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Hi All,


Been loving a 2012 pair of Scott Ventures (168's) that I recently mounted up. Turns out my dad loves them too--he'd never been on wider or newer skis and now wants to update his equipment. Anyway, I was wondering what out there might be comparable to the Ventures that he might be able to demo? In general, he's looking for something in the upper 80s' to 90s for width that's relaxed, playful and easy to ski (shorter to medium sized turns), but has some power in reserve to carve if he pushes them. He's a New England skier and does a bit of everything, but mostly less-icy groomer days with some bumps, trees and fresh snow thrown in. Was once an advanced to expert skier but is now an intermediate.  


I can find one or two pairs left of the Ventures online, but I figured why not have fun and explore a bit in the local shops...



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Okay, did a bunch of digging and found a few:


Head Venturi 95

Head Rev 90

Fischer Big Stix 100


Care to add any more?

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