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 I used Hardman Epoxy-Orange-Very High Peel Strength Epoxy and I mixed in a little cut-up steel wool.


 Hardman Epoxy-Orange-Very High Peel Strength Epoxy is a good choice for the job.


But  the little cut-up steel wool was not. For future reference if you want some extra strength mix in some glass fibre strands which you can get by picking apart some glass cloth. N.B. Do not use strands from the random mat as the binder most used does not dissolve in epoxy so there is no bond.


Neat job though!

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The reason the shop's repair didn't take was it was likely cleaned up and then filled with Metal Grip (either burned in melt-gun) for the speed of the repair. This is also was many shops do not guarantee a base weld or will replace it once (maybe twice) if it pops. From a backshop perspective, a base replacement (what you did) is not worth the expense a shop would want to charge a customer for the time a labor involved (mainly time and space it takes up in the shop while the epoxy cures) and the tune required to remove the extra base material (bringing it back to a level surface and adding the structure).

Again, great job on the repair and this is the type of repair that can save you a lot of money when you are willing to do the work yourself.
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