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Speedmacine Solekit

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I have a pair of Nordica 10 Speedmachine (Flex index 110-100) that are about 5 yrs old and fit like a glove.  Due to lots of walking from parking lots, the heels need replacing.  Nordica lists the Speedmacine Solekit on line for $30.00 but, when contacted, Nordica says the Solekit is no longer available.  Does anybody know where I might get a Speedmachine Solekit?

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contact Footloose in Mammoth, their boot repair inventory is quite extensive...

not sure what the speedmachine heelpaltes look like, but often plates fit mulitple models...

check the well-known boot shops in your area and you might find a match...

use cat tracks if you're hoofin anything more than 40-50 ft on pavement or even dirt tracks.

bit of a PITA, but they do work well in keeping the boot sole in best condition

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Dear Moreoutdoor,


Is that Mammouth Mountain in California?


Best regards,



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yes sorry, Footloose in Mammoth Lks

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I have the same boots and ordered the kit from Nordica online last fall. Arrived promptly. Surprised they are out. Check your local Nordica ski shops.
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Thank you Moreoutdoor.  I googled Footloose and Mammoth and got the store at Mammoth Mountain.  They say they have the Solekit and that it should fit, even though the appearance is somewhat different from what is shown online.  I ordered a kit and they are sending it to me.  Here's hoping that it will work.

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Thank you JimH.  I tried to order the Solekit online but the order would not process until I entered the size (even though they say that "one size fits all").  I went to the size button but no size was available on the pulldown menu.  Therefore, I was stymied and could not order the item on line.  How did you succeed in ordering?  I checked my local ski shops, one of which contacted Nordica, who told the ski shop that they no longer make the kit.

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Did the solekit show up and was it correct? I too am looking for a set. thanks,



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This thread prompted me to get around to replacing mine. I got the last set our local Surefoot had.

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They (Mammoth Mnt) said they had several in stock and they charged my credit card on 2/20 but nothing has shown up so far so I cannot say if what they have will work.



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The kit just arrived.  It looks like the right pieces.  I would go ahead and order it.



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Thank you Speedmachine


Will do

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For anyone looking for a Nordica Speedmachine solekit, they are back in stock at

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