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Jackson Hole's 50th Anniversary - Videos and Other Delights

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Series of five videos to be released over time - two so far...






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If this doesn't make you want to ski a little more before hanging it up for the season check your pulse!




How about that cameraman?  Whoo hoo!!   Thumbs Up

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Liked those woodgrain topsheets on those atomics

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Episode #3



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Fun stuff!  Thanks for posting.  I missed the thread back in Feb.  Too busy skiing. ;)

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Recently discovered that TGR sponsors a 3-day camp at JH for teens ages 12-17.  Check out what the kids got to do in the first camp, which was in 2011.  Quite a way to spend Christmas vacation!


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That looked like awesome fun - ah, to be a kid again!   ;-)


Another cool vid from JHMR...




And a classic, posted many times before, but never gets old...



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Saw the new TGR  film Paradise Waits in San Francisco last night. Liked the format - lots of different short(ish) segments jumping around different places/times during last season. Cool to get the motor running with some great skiing on a big screen, and each SF admission yields a voucher for a lift ticket at Squaw/Alpine and also Mt Bachelor - hard to beat that!    Thumbs Up  Thumbs Up 


The whole thing was awesome, but my favorite bit was Tim Durtschi skiing top to bottom at Jackson Hole, popping off any/everything and just generally having a good time. This is a clip of the making of that segment...




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Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is celebrating the beginning of its 50th Anniversary Season with a one-day special lift ticket deal for “Flashback Friday.”  On Friday, November 27th ONLY, enjoy $6 lift access – the same price of a Jackson Hole lift ticket in 1965!



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For those who don't have a MCP and are thinking of going to JH January 11-31, bring a season pass to any resort and get a 50% discount.  Another 50th anniversary special.  Calling it a Golden Ticket.


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While we're at it, Episode #4...



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Join the celebration and watch our 50th Anniversary Feature Movie, “Born to Be Wild”, streaming free online Dec 1 & 2, 2015


Jackson Hole was founded on a simple but bold idea; having the courage and conviction of your dreams. Nearly fifty years later, Jackson Hole continues to evolve as the last true bastion for all for those who dare to live this dream.



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One of the 50th anniversary offers gives a 50% discount during January after Jan. 10.  It's called the Golden Ticket.



Golden Ticket Promotion
In honor of our 50th Anniversary, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is offering our Golden Ticket Promotion.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is welcoming all skiers and snowboarders who own a winter resort season pass ANYWHERE in the world to come to 'The Big One' and receive a very special rate. Travel to Jackson between Jan 11 – 31, 2016, show your season pass from any ski resort worldwide and receive a 50% discounted lift ticket based on the valid in-resort, single day rate. Ski as many days as you like at 50% off the daily ticket rate during this time.
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Just got back from 3 days in Jackson. Damn cold in the valley (saw car thermometer hit -20 yesterday morning in town).  Cold but tolerable on the mountain; no winds.  Cold enough that snow is holding up well, even though I missed the earlier consistent daily snows.  Crowds might have been the smallest since I started skiing JH over Christmas break starting 7 or 8 years ago. Maybe new Teton lift is spreading folks out more.

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Stumbled across this tonight...




Recognize anyone?   ;-)

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Hi All,


Myself and 5 other ski patrollers from Canada are heading to Jackson Hole for the week of Feb 1-6!  I hear there is going to be a party there that weekend!!!.  We shouldn't be hard to miss as we will be washing dishes in exchange for a beers due to our tanking Cdn dollar.  Bob Peter's guide was an excellent and thorough read.  If there are any local Bears that have some tips or info or want to meet up with our group send me a message. 




Mcgyver (Frank)

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