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Fastest Ski Style for Snowkite Racing?

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Hi everyone! I am hoping that I could get some advice on what might be my best gear option for racing on a pair of skis using a kite for propulsion.


First off Snowkite racing is a lot different than a downhill race… it is more closely related to a sailboat race than a skiing race. The most notable difference is the lack of carving through turns. Typically I will be on side (edges) of my skis for many miles going in a straight line. Also the best and fastest way to get through a turn is to hop, spin, slide and then skate ski to bring the speed back up.


Surface conditions (Also a huge difference): we don’t have snow making equipment, and our race courses will not be groomed. It will likely be a mix of bare ice (if on a lake) rock hard snow drifts about a foot tall, soft snow drifts about the same size, and in the non windblown areas a nice eaven coating of powder.  


General ideas… skis with side-cut “should be” inefficient since they want to turn and I have to force them to go straight. It would seem that the longer the skis the better… (based on race results). I have noticed my fat skis (rossi scratch and bluehouse mavens) ride a hell of a lot better than GS skis. I think due to the longer turn radius and being wider under my feet… although the snow conditions have a lot to do with it (sinking and dragging my boots on the skinny GS skis).


I have historically rode snowboards but had to switch to skis to compete in the races! So I am pretty unfamiliar with ski technology and styles. But from my recent research I think my best bet wound be a pair of speed skis or Nordic jumping skis. Unfortunately these seen to be all custom made and very hard to find.


Any thoughts? Ideas? Recommendations? Pair of skis I might like sitting unused in your attic that you would be willing to sell? Please chime in.



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Got a garage full of old straight skis. Most even have bindings on them.
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Unless they are crazy long they are a dime a dozen at Goodwill... and I too have a garage full of them (190cm to 205cm)! I think they might be a good option as they are straight and fairly wide, but they are very heavy and I don't get to use gravity to my advantage!

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last week at the WISSA world's ice sailing competition the guy that won it was on a pair of 238cm skis. I am assuming they are speed skis.

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Yeah, Normand and his Quebec crew clearly solved this ski solution prior to the race.  Hoping for some good ski tech responses here.  Goodwill is a great solution in general but not for the race scene.  Although, heavy is good! 

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