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binding din setting question

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Hi I have a new (to me) pair of apache recons, with the marker mod ibx 14.0 piston binding.


There is a "red zone" on the heel piece din setting that covers 10-14.    I cant get the din screw to move lower than the 10 mark.  The front piece sets fine to 8, my normal din.


Is this normal?  (can back not be set lower than 10?)   Should i set front and back to 10 even though i normally go with 8?


I am 6'2 200 lbs, advanced skier.  Thanks for advice.

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No, it is not normal, are both heel pieces doing that?


The "red zone" just means that din charts really don't go above 10

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yes, both wont go back below 10, unless you need a whole lot of torque...  more than I would normally use to adjust a binding

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thanks for your help, I figured it out, I was looking at wrong mark on din setting, they adjust just fine.   Sorry for the stoopid factor on my part.

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need me some reading glasses

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