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Boot Sole Wear

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So as a serious noob I have what might be a couple really dumb questions about caring for my gear.

1. After hitting the mountain today I notice that the bottom of my boots had some wear on the plastic part of the heel/toe. Is this normal and should I be worried about preventing this in the future by minimizing the amount of time spent walking from the parking lot to the slope in my boots (on asphalt)?
2. The tops of my skis also have some scuffs/scratches after skiing today. How should I go about caring for my skis (and boots) after a day of skiing. And how often should I wax them down?

Thank you for any help!

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Do you put your boots on at the car and then walk to the lodge/lift?

Don't worry about the topsheets, they get banged up.  Do have your skis tuned periodically to keep the bases and edges in good condition.

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For the boots, you will get some wear.  

Whether to worry about it depends on how much of an investment these boots are to you and how often you ski.


1) Were these super custom fit and you spent a lot of money on them?   If they were just off-the-shelf and not really that expensive, you may just let it go, and by the time the heels/toes wear out you'll want new boots anyway.


2) Do your boots have replaceable heel/toe?  If they do, and you see yourself wearing them through, you may want to consider buying and stashing the replacement heel/toe parts as it's reported they get harder to find the older your boots get.


If you do want to protect your boots, some options are you can just walk in street shoes and then change to your ski boots in the lodge.  You can use a locker or some mountains are a bit more welcoming to stash a bag or backpack.

There are also cattracks devices you slip onto the bottom of your boots-but then you have to stash these somewhere too while you ski too.



B) The topsheet scuffs.  These happen.  It's just cosmetic like paint on your car, so it just matters if you care about them.  If you're getting a lot of them, this maybe an indication of poor skiing or poor ski care if you're crossing your skis a lot or smacking them on the lifts or other things.   You can use car wax or other car-paint products if you want your topsheets to be shiny.

Skis are just equipment that doesn't last forever, so don't feel guilty about using them.

Better to wear them all the way out having fun, then to just have protecting the skis nagging you all day long.


C) Wax (for the bottom of your skis)-it depends.  Search and read other threads on this.

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Hang them on my cable lock at the base lodge while I'm skiing.


Yaktrax SkiTrax

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Thank you all for the information!

I'm not entirely sure if my boots (Dalbello Aspect 100s) have replacement heel/toe parts, but I'll have to check into that. I didn't spend an outrageous amount of money on them but I hope I can get 4ish years out of them.

I do normally put my boots on in the parking lot and then walk to the lift entrance, so carrying a book bag, wearing sneakers, and then changing once I get to snow is probably the best idea. Or those Ski Trax things. Those look sick.

It was just the top sheets of my skis that had some scuffs on them. I kinda ate shit at one point and one ski went flying through the air, so it probably just happened then.

Also, being a relatively new skier, are there any "essential" threads I should check out on here?

Thanks again,
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