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Skis you regret buying/skis you regret selling

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Everybody has one or two of these.  Whether it was a rushed decision, or something that seemed like a good idea at the time.


Buyers regret:

192 Elan m999  -These were just bad.  Mount point was off, and the should have floated better for their size. 

190 4frnt VCT  -Submarines.  Even at -2.5cm they sunk.  Wouldn't carve worth a damn either.

189 K2 Kung Fujas  -Noodles.  I shouldn't have bought these.  Skied them half a day and put them up for sale.


Sellers remorse:

190 Ninthward NGP  -Custom garage rocker turned these beasts into all mountain slayers.  Great float too.

190 Elan Boomerang  -Still kicking myself over this one.  I will buy a pair to replace them.


That's about it for me, what about your poor choices?

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Second gen ON3P Jeffery prototype with Pillowfight topsheet/bases.

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Sellers remorse:

Stockli Stormrider VXL

Icelantic Pilgrim

Head Monster i.M78

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I'll play.


Buyer's remorse: 


PM Bros Lhasa's. Worst out of the wrapper base and edge QC I've ever suffered through, and handled like an Italian cruise liner. 

Blizzard Cochise's. Harsh and nervous at speed, ponderous in tight spaces. Last time I buy a ski on buzz. 

4FRNT MSP's. Early dual radius do-all that did-nothing above a C+. Yawn. 

Moment Night Train's. Never could fathom the flex pattern, which didn't seem to have a center. 

DPS Lotus 120 Pures. Light, yes. Maneuverable, not so much. Fun on any kind of snow except deep powder, maybe in another reality.


Seller's remorse: 


Volkl Gotama's 2009, Tokyo Nights model, last cambered Goat. Had two pair, sold the backup, still regret it when I see a pair on the slopes.

Blizzard Cronus. Had a definite speed limit, so even though they flowed through bumps and tight spaces like mercury, booted them. To discover lots of mid-fats go fast, not many are decent in bumps. 

Head iM78's. Surely, I thought, next year's model will be even better. Not. Even. Close.

Stockli Rotor 84's. They carved, they rocked in bumps, they floated over crud, they were the ski I went to when I couldn't decide. I decided they were no longer cool because they didn't have rocker. 

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Saw a pair of those Cronuses for sale on line recently. NOS. Note that - as I recall - they had the same dims as the Brahma / Bush. Same mold, right side up, I guess. wink.gif
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Buyer's Remorse:


Ogasaka Triun S: They aren't bad skis, but I could have bought better for the same price. They're too soft and aren't FIS legal (racing), It was my first adventure with Ogasaka and probably will be my last. The skis have treated me right, though!

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I regret buying my Bonafides. Excellent ski. But the seasons on my local hill have been getting worse and worse each season since I bought them, so I've used them twice. And even whistler has been sub par this year so I haven't gotten any use of them there either. And to add insult to injury, the top sheet is much nicer this year!
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