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calf and knee soreness

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um.. i ski about once a week.. sometimes i miss a week or two if i'm busy enough.

everytime i go my calfs are really sore the next day.. anyway to keep this down? i stretch and they are fine when i'm skiing but the day after is always a tough one.

also right above my knee gets quite sore during skiing. i'm not sure why. i dont try and twist the ski when skiing i let the ski turn so i dont understand what the deal is. i've talked to the doctor before about my knees being sore sometimes after activities such as cycling and they have done xrays and stuff without finding anything.. they usually just say take some tylenol... and usually the next day after i'll be fine...

any ideas on either of these issues?? i'm begining to think its my skiing technique thats causing me some problems...

thanks in advance for any help
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It sounds to me like you are a at least a little bit in the "backseat" when skiing. That means your weight may be a bit toward the back of the ski as opposed to in the middle of the ski. The fatigue in the lower quad/knee indicates that. While skiing concentrate on your ankles as your joint for flexing and extending in your skiing. Better yet take some lessons and ask the instructor to concentrate on your balance and on flexion and extension.

Improvement in technique/balance should improve your calve pain as well but I find calve pain can be just one of those things skiers deal with.

Hope that helps!
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would canting of the boots affect the upper knee area? i'm just wonder after reading some other posts about knee pains.. but those seem more serious than mine..
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