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Hello EpicSkiers,


I've been lurking here for a few weeks now, and I decided it's time I stop looking and start asking questions! I used to live in the Midwest so I always rented skis when I went, but now I live by mountains and want to get my own gear.


About me as a skier:

  • Where in the world are you skiing? 

    East Coast, Specifically in Vermont
  • What kinds of terrain do you prefer (groomed runs, moguls, race course, park'n'pipe, trees, steeps, backcountry/sidecountry)

    In the past I've stuck to groomers, but this year I've been venturing into the trees and hitting some moguls. I'm looking to do more of that while also skiing the groomers with my snowboarder friends.
  • How many days a year do you ski?

    I had surgery back in November, but since my surgeon gave me the all-clear to ski 4 weeks ago I've gone every weekend. 
  • How advanced are you as a skier?

    Intermediate to intermediate-advanced? I've been skiing in CO 6 or 7 times before moving up here to VT.
  • What's your height and weight? 

    I'm 5'8" and weight 125-130 lbs. 



The skis that have really caught my eye are the Salomon Q-90 and Rossignol Smash 7, and I'd like to know if anyone has a recommendation on one or both of these skis. Also, if there are better options out there that someone would suggest for a skier of my type, I'm definitely interested. I plan to get used skis to save some money, but I'll be living here for at least the next 5 years so I'd like to get something that will last a while. 

I look forward to hearing what you all have to say. Thanks in advance!