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Best place to ski March 6-15?

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First time on epicski- just wondering where I should ski for my upcoming spring break. I am an avid skier from ny, and for this upcoming break I can ski literally anywhere (would japan be worth travel?), so where should I ski? I am an advanced/expert skier (I've done a lot of heli skiing and off piste, no problem with glades or anything really) and would prefer to ski at a more challenging resort. I was hoping to travel out west to somewhere like Whistler or PC, but apparently the west coast is a little warm right now- march conditions in feb from what ive gathered. Should I expect april conditions if I visited in march, or is it likely these temperature are just a fluke and a snowstorm will even things out?

Ideally I'd ski somewhere slightly warm that has just had a fresh dump of pow- anywhere in the alps or out west where I could expect that? I prefer ski in/ski out options,

have a slight preference for an exciting city (ex. PC just over cottonwood), and budget is a slight concern, though im willing to pay top dollar for the best trip. If I were to travel 

out to the alps, I would like to visit the Geneva auto-show, so any resort near there would be preferred. Last year I visited Geneva after Val D'isere and that was one hell of a trip.

Any suggestions?




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March in Japan is like April in the West or the Alps due to low elevation and December/mid-February concentration of snowfall.


The American West is on track for its worst season since 1981.  I think the OP should go to the Alps, which are doing well now after a slow start.  March 6-15 is conveniently right after the Euro school holidays are over and thus prime time. 


In March you want high altitude (lots of terrain over 2,000 meters) and north exposure.  Val d'Isere and Zermatt top the list of those criteria and both are accessible from Geneva. I'll make my usual reference to as the best place to research Euro ski areas.

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Do Not GO TO ALASKA...Our snow pack is 100-200 inches under what we require to open up all outer areas.  IT COULD CHANGE BUT Until the Arctic VORTEX comes back home...Europe is the place.  

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