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Biking Fitness

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I posted it like this for those you want to stay in skiing.

Ok.. I took my girls out in the trailer for the first time yesterday and the day before.
I am in pain! : :

My thigh muscle hurts so much, it actually crapped on me going down hill and it still hurts today. That is the only leg that hurts.
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are you puching in too big of a gear? Stay on teh flats in lo (spinning, not pushing )gears and see if that makes a difference.

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Cycling is not skiing. It's hard work and obviously involves constant movement of a different variety of muscles.

This is why I have to decide it is time to spend my weekends on my road bike instead of skiing. I'd like to say the spring break crowds just suck, and they do, but the reality is if I want to meet my cycling goals I need to start riding now. I should have been riding all winter indoors but I did that when I was younger and much more insane about the bike. It sucks.

You gots to start slow. In speed and miles and also as Irulan said be careful with your gear choice. And check to be sure your saddle height is correct cuz a low addle can put a burden on your muscles, esp if you do not have bike shoes tha tattach to the pedals which allows you to pull up on the pedals and not just try to turn the cranks with your quads on the downstroke.

Off the subject a bit but I am stoked about how skiing keeps me strong. Repeatedly redlining the heart rate several times a week at 9,000 plus feet does wonders for the lungs and leg strength. Boulder's 5000 ft elevation is like sea level. But I do need to adapt again to the type of exercise and the different type of heart rate work: a lower HR but maintained over a longer duration without rest. I start slow. Eventually I'll be stomping for hours at a time but not yet.
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"crapped" or "cramped"? I hope you didn't really crap on your bike!

I too just got out this week for the first time. 20 miles on Tuesday - I pushed hard but the speed just wasn't there. Another 20 miles on Wednesday -chased a friend down and felt much better on the hills.

BTW, for those cyclist in colorado, I might be out in June for Ride the Rockies.
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"thigh muscle" hurts?

which muscle or muscles? quads? hammies? adductors? abductors?

in any event, riding a bicycle shouldn't cause muscle soreness -- tiredness, yes, but not soreness.

I would bet that you were doing one of a few things incorrectly -

1) as irulan suggested, pedaling in too big a gear (too difficult to pedal) -- that's why you have 24 or 27 gears. use them.

2) your saddle is too low.

3) your pedaling technique is improper and you aren't pedaling circles with muscle recruitment in about 320 of the full 360 degree cycle.

If I had a side-view picture of you on your bicycle in riding position (feet on pedals, hands on bars), I could make more suggestions regarding bicycle fit.

hope this helps.
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Ok guys...

1. The saddle wasn't to low, I was using my Husband's bike because my bike seat slides down.

2. Its all small hills around here, nothing flat.

3. I was pulling two kids in a trailer(I think thats what did it).

4. Wind factor.

5. I am not as familar with my husband's bike gears.

I think I just did to much at one time and didn't stretch out first.

When I went skiing the only think that hurt was my knees(both are bad anyway) and the thing is I walked up that big hill, it was on the ride down it cramped up(not crap ).

Could have I toren the muscle?
Gonz it was the top part of the thigh. Quads are the top or bottom part? I cannot remember.

That was the only muscle that hurts, besides my butt from the seat. :

PS If you see miss spellings, I lost my spell check [img]redface.gif[/img] [img]redface.gif[/img]
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I'm not a biker, so I'll let Gonz and the others give you info on that. But one thing that I just thought of. You just had a baby. The relaxin, a hormone which is supposed to relax the pelvis for labor, but unfortunately has a systemic effect, can be present in your body for one year. If your joints are unstable, your muscles will not function properly. Also, that sounds like quite a load for someone who's just had a kid! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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