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Whitewater, BC, has a habit of using ropes for all kinds of things while allowing them to be crossed. There is a rope across most of the bench accessing the Glory side from the Summit Lift, but there are labelled runs down through the trees on the other side of the rope. The rope is only there to remind people that the Glory chair closes early.


The exception occurs during avalanche control work. Red CLOSED signs go up and passes will be pulled if you duck the rope next to the sign.


The boundary is roped most places, but open. Rescue (assuming you survive) is not free.


And then there is this wonderfully informative sign:  :rolleyes


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Yipers. Not a snow flake run.
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Wolverine Bowl at Alpine Meadows is entered from skier's right. On a powder day, back when we had those, it turned into a perfect fan of traverse lines--4 or 5 horizontal lines near the top, than descending traverses of every degree of steepness over to the far side. I sure wish they would string a few ropes down the bowl so you could only traverse at the top. Or better yet, neck high wires.


Hey I got an idea. If you get your passed pulled you have to take a safety class to get it back. Call it "Red Snow".

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Different areas handle boundaries differently. At Alpine Meadows and Sugar Bowl which are on and abut FS land, the boundaries are marked by periodic signs but no ropes and are open. The only rope lines with gates are between inbounds areas. Squaw has the same set-up--signs at the boundaries, ropes with gates at one inbounds area, but the boundaries are closed. At least some of the out-of-bounds land is private, not sure about all of it. I know they will pull your pass for leaving the boundary, not sure if that's prosecutable. You certainly can be prosecuted for entering a closed area inbounds although usually you get a warning or your pass pulled.  I don't know any area around here that has a roped off boundary. I suspect that when areas do have ropes and gates at the boundaries it's mainly so you have to pass the signs alerting you to the risks so your estate can't sue the resort.


I regularly ride outside the boundary lines (East Coast) in search of stashes because its encouraged, or at least its not punished. In fact, if see just one track leading off into the abyss I usually hop into it and see where it leads. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't and I end up exhausted working my way out. This is a great way to find the hidden gems. Every hardcore skier or rider needs to break away from the pack now and then. I can't imagine not being able to go "off roading". But then again, by the end of the season my pass always has a few clips signaling my bad boy status. :devil:

update from another thread ...


Bet you didn't see that one coming !?

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