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Compartment Syndrome

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Hi all,
I've been lurking for quite a while and I know there are some PT/sports med people on the board so I thought I'd throw out a question.

I'm a very aggressive tele skier and lately I've been getting a bad pain on the outside of my lower leg extending about six inches above my ankle after a long day. The pain goes away after a few days but starts again when I ski. I talked to a PT major I know and he said it sounded like chronic lateral compartment syndrome where the muscle is inflamed but it can't expand because of the tissue surrounding it. He also told me there could be several causes, the foot might be compressing wrong or my boots might be bruising me. I suspect the latter because I got new boots this year with very stiff liners (Garmont g-fits, like thermoflex) and they like they press on the area. Has anyone had any experience with this? Also, do you think padding or footbeds would help?

I've tried to take it easy but whenever I go skiing I see a nice line and, well, the bowl looks nice, just grit your teeth and bear it. After 3 straight days of skiing last week I could hardly walk so I guess I'll have to take a break. Thanks for your help in advance and enjoy the skiing for me. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Try to put an 1/8" forefoot post(valgus) on the stock footbed or custom footbed, whichever you have. Tell your PT friend that it is probably the peroneal longus that is sore. Give this a try and let us know what happens. Good luck, G
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Welcome, Dave. Injuries tend to be tricky. They can masquerade as one thing, and actually be something else. Its a good idea to get it diagnosed by a doctor. Good luck, and keep us posted!
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had this many years ago, due to running. yeah, sounds like the compartmental blah blah. i got the same diagnosis. i remember wanting to run a razor along the the part of the lower leg you mentioned, to relieve the pressure. i thought then it was related to shin splints; at any rate, it took awhile - rest - for it to go away. i applied ice and waited.


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I'd try the good suggestions above and then if they and all else fails then see a good orthopedic MD. If the pain ever persists and does not go away soon after activity I'd see your doc quickly. Good luck. ski doc
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