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GS Racing Skis....Length etc..

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I am a Ex-Racer and now Ski Coach but been out of the game for awhile due to a bad back from a car accident years ago. Now that I am coaching and starting to race Nastar once again, looking for any suggestions on a great GS Racing Ski, FIS is fine as I have raced on them before and they seem to hold up better. I still ski aggressively and I am 6 2" about 240, I am on a Beer league older Ski Dynastar Speed 10 ok, but looking for some thing with better edge grip on ice and some thing with decent speed, but that will depend, mostly on me! :)  I took a pair of Blizzards Brahmas though Nastar and they were God Awful slow. LOL ;)    PM me if anyone has any good deals as I just saw a pair of Dynastar Speed Course WC FIS 20 GS Racing Skis for $299 (2014) model. I should have kept my last years model I got from another great member on here, but back issues kept me off the slopes a lot last year so I sold them. :( 

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Be wary of the ebay deals on FIS approved race skis, most have a turn radius and stiffness that does not play well with NASTAR courses.  They are cheap because FIS changes the ski specs and there is no longer a buying audience for them.  The only exception would be some of the 175 Jr. skis with a 21M radius which may or may not work for your local hill and course sets.  All of the 23M 27M, etc skis are just not turny enough.
Typically a non FIS approved GS "cheater" ski in a 17.5 to 19M radius is the way to go.  Volkl, Nordica, Atomic, Blizzard, etc. all make pretty good cheaters.  Demo before you buy if you can, aim for the 175 to 180CM length.  If you are stuck on a FIS ski, try to find older ones in a 21M radius.
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trailtrimmer: Good points, for me the FIS skis regardless of turn Radius seem like they have better edge grip on ice, 20-23 will do ok in the Midwest on Ice and shorter runs but anything over 23 I would think would be a waste here. I am using a pair of Speed Course 10s right now at a 186cm length 175-180 at 6' 2 just seem to short for me. ;) 


These are the ones I was looking at: Same thing as the Rossignol Hero 




For around here I would go with the 183cms, only problem is they have a turn radius of 35cm which would be too much for around here. 

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FIS skis need speed to initiate turns, typical nastar courses don't build much for the first two or three gates.  Once they are up to speed they are unforgiving for being late, the long radius makes corrections very difficult and they take a ton of energy to bend for quick turns.  Typically a nastar course doesn't generate the speed needed to push the skis to bend them the way they would on a steeper FIS course.  While FIS skis are a blast on groomers midweek when you can let them rip, they are not the tool for nastar speeds.


The best thing you can do is chat with the fast guys at your primary race hill.  See what they are skiing on and what their style is.  All the fast guys where I race are on 18M to 19M cheaters and a few break out an older 21M GS ski when the gates aren't tight.  Nobody that's fast is on a 23M or greater radius ski. Your local guys are really your best bet and don't think a modern non FIS race ski can't grip ice, they totally can.

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trailtrimmer: All our pacesetters are a mix bag, but your 100% correct, our main coach who I coach with is on the Rossignol Master Racers and the turn Radius is 18cm. I will double check my beer leaguers as I didn't have them the day my son talked me back into NASTAR I have a pair of Dynastar Ski Cross 10s with a Radius of 20.5 at 186cm, I will give these a go first and look for some thing in the 18m-20m GS radius.

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