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Q-angle IQ

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I attended a lecture on Q angles at the Baltimore Personal Trainers Conference. Most of this is old information for some of you, but some of it is quite interesting.

The Q angle refers to the quadricep angle, or the angle between the hip and the knee. Since it is steeper in women, they are more prone to having the knee cap slide, causing injury.

A lack of androgen means that most women are less prone to developing large muscles. Muscle fiber helps protect the joints and connective tissue. Female athletes are subject to the same torque forces in their knee as men. If the muscle is not strong enough to the joint, the knee cap will be even more prone to sliding. That's one of the reasons why strength training is so important for women, and they need to be careful about becoming hyperflexible.

Some factors influencing injury in women:

Pronators are more suceptible to ACL injuries

Supposedly women are more suceptible during ovulation, and birth control pills can possible prevent this. Since I have heard so many conflicting views on this, I would not take that too seriously.

In another thread, I mentioned that plyometrics are being used as prevention. But women who land flat footed in a jump, or don't bend their knees enough, are often susceptible to injury. The way to land on a plyo: TOE BALL HEEL SQUAT

After pregnancy, relaxin can cause joint laxity in the foot, which in turn can lead to knee problems.

Now here is the most stupid thing I've ever heard. Women who wore ankle braces to PREVENT an ankle injury while skiing ended up tearing their ACL!

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Good info!

How in the world does anybody manage to even wear an ankle brace while skiing?
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Obviously someone who didnt understand the function of a ski boot!
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Uh huh! It always amazes me that people will wear some sort of brace as a preventative measure, as opposed to simply strengthening the muscles! If you think about it, by OVERLY restricting motion at the ankle joint, the knee would rake most of the torque. Since the q angle makes the knee more susceptible to injury, you have one big mess!
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