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Hello there!


I started taking my recently-turned-4 year old skiing this year and he LOVES it.  So I've been taking him weekly and sometimes bi-weekly to the mountains.


 I was just wondering if there is anyone else out there that has a little tyke that is around the same age that would like to go skiing with us.  My son Zach loves to meet new friends and we are both pretty out going people.  I think this could be a chance for his Dad and him to maybe make some friends in the area.  I normally would have my wife go with us but we are expecting a second son in April so she's off the slopes and usually home enjoying the peace and quiet.  


So far I've taken him to Camelback which I really like and Mountain Creek which is what it is.  I wanted to try Blue mountain and maybe Shawnee.  I'm trying to scope out all the places so that next year we can get season passes to a place that is good for kids and mom's and dad's.  


Well thanks for reading and hopefully Zach and Dad get to meet some new people.