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Seven Springs Sat Morning

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Was pretty stoked driving out to the hill Sat AM with maybe 3-4 in. of new snow Friday night. It was really cold the later part of the week and they were really pumping out the snow on the front side when I checked the webcams.

Anyway arrived 30 min before the lifts start but anymore with the 9 AM opening since Mr.Nutting took over eliminating the weekend 8 AM start so has everybody else. I catch the first chair and it looks great. I always ski Tyrol the first runs and I head over the lip and start sliding 50 yards off my line. Underneath the fluff is the slickest egg shell crust bad snow making could make. The snowmaking canon mounted at the top of Tyrol has been spewing out. Water for weeks now. It's unbelievable they continue to run it without fixing it.

I'm done ranting but I believe the revenue this area generates they would spend some $$ to fix things that really need fixed, or maybe have someone check what this piece of equipment is doing.

Later in the morning one of the racers from the race being run over on Avalanche was practicing on Tyrol using just one ski and just ripping GS turns I fazed! I was impressed!

I later saw one of the racers coming across the bottom of Tyrol to get over to the race hill and he didn't know it was super icy and his skis just flew out from underneath him and he fell.

I skied for about 2.5 hrs never went to the back because of lift lines on the high speed and headed home. Always good to ski and I am sure I have no real appreciation for the difficulty involved producing a good ski surface but I think they can do better.
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Maybe Mr. Nutting is too concerned that the State may actually do something at Laurel then he will have to actually spend some money there....or come up with a way to scuttle the project. Maybe too close to spring training to worry about an broken snow gun. Maybe figured that since he owns all the Pittsburgh region's skiing he really doesn't have to do much about  actual customer service. Really, I'm sure he has no hour by hour idea of what goes on there but someone in management should have to answer.

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That's unfortunate to hear. I haven't been to Seven Springs this year, but had a good time the last couple of times I've been there, with good conditions. Hopefully it's not a sign of larger issues and things get resolved. 

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