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Ive owned a couple versions of this ski, starting with the first one (which to be honest was too much for me at the time in all but the most wide spaces) - it was pretty stiff and zero camber.  Sure it was great for blasting through stuff, but if you got back a little - whew, you were going for a ride.  Ive had a love/hate and owned 2 pairs


Fast forward to the newest version with a bit of camber and a touch softer - wow, big improvements imho.  First the shovel are a bit softer and that seems to let the pressure build under them in powder - still this isn't a powder ski - but at least you don't need to be going 35+ mph to see the tips plane up.  


The camber (slight as it is) really helps that early AM groomer lap before thing soften - before skiing these on hard, early morning groomer - was a bit.....tricky.  You really needed some larger edge angles to get the ski to bite esp at 108 with a 1/2 tune.  I can remember one day on bulletproof at Sun Valley a couple of years back - where the previous Cochise went in the rack and I demo'd something - this version eliminates that issue - easily skied on groomers, just like traditional skis.  Pic of actual camber - 



The off-piste performance is still there - the shovels are a bit softer, as is the tail (not certain the %), I've heard 20% but skeptical on that.  In any event, this is helpful for me in moguls and actually look for them now - its plain fun, as long as they are not rock hard.  The rocker, camber, rocker still is very easy to pivot when needed - so super maneuverable.  tail releases great and to be honest you can just go from mach speed to a "drift" w/ little to no effort.  In fact, I had Start Haus put a tune on them when new and w/o any detuning these still did that.


Chop/crud - no need to worry - still hammers through it.


Bases - much better in terms of durability - previous versions were like butter - if they got near a rock = gouge.  I have run over a bunch and actually had to side step onto rocks to get into Expert Chutes at JH Wed.  no damage.


Topsheet - cool satin-like woodgrain and so far very durable.


Bottomline - nice improvements to an great ski for Blizzard.  Not sure that I would pay the premium for the 2016 version, if these go on sale - UNLESS it weighs significantly less and is light years better in powder (although its fun to throw snow with that little twin tip).   The 2015 version is great.


Edit - bought from Start Haus - mounted, tuned and shipped across the country - great service!



Length Tested: 185

Dimensions/Turn Radius:  134/108/122, radius = 28.5

Camber: Rocker, camber, rocker

Binding: FKS 14 on the line

Mount point: Suggested



Other Skis in Class:

* Volkl Katana?





Environment & Conditions:

Location of Test: Vail, Alta, Snowbird, Whistler, JH

Number of Runs: 100+

Snow Conditions:  All over - pow to spring mashed potatoes

Demo or Own: own


Tester Info:

Username: givethepigeye

Age: 50ish

Height/Weight: 6'2" - 185

Ski Days/Season: 25-30

Years Skiing: 8 (snowboarded before)

Current Quiver:

 - Nordica Enforcer -185

 - Dynastar Legend 94 - 184

 - Rossignol Super 7 (airtip) 188

 - Liberty Double Helix - 190


Home Area: travel west to ski - Epic and Mountain Collective Passes


Preferred Terrain: off-piste, groomers - when its a coral reef

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