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I just got off the Fischer Motive 86's that I purchased from the good folks at Village Bike and Ski. Wow, what a ride!! These have such a nice, even flex and are ultra-smooth, yet they are tolerant of a less-than-perfect driver. How can such a high performance ski be so easy? They are also extremely fast edge to edge as they snap me out of the turn very quickly. I purchased the 175's (I'm 6'2" 200 lbs.). Our local mountain has narrow trails, fairly tight overall with some room to let it rip. The 175's seem about right for this size mountain. Although I could stand them a touch longer, the 182's seem a little too long for where I ski. I also demo'ed the Blizzard Brahma in 180 before purchasing the Fischers.  To compare the two, the Blizzard was much more of a "on/off" ski with very little tolerance for less-than-perfect form.  I went with the Fischers and couldn't be happier.  Steady as a freight train, easy to ski, forgiving, solid off-piste, unshakable on hardpack, and when you step on the gas; hang on!


Pros:  Forgiving, even flex, high performance, excellent grip on hardpack, quick edge to edge, solid off trail

Cons:  Topsheets easily scratched


Product:  2015 Fischer Motive 86 ti

Length Tested:  175 cm 

Dimensions/Turn Radius:  128-86-116 

Camber:  Early Rise Tip w/ camber

Binding: Look PX-12

Mount point: Suggested (boot center)



Other Skis in Class:

*  Blizzard Brahma

*  Dynastar Powertrack 89

*  Head REV85

*  Rossi Experience 88

Environment & Conditions:  Sunny, -5 degrees, warmed up to 15.   

Location of Test:  Camden Snow Bowl, Camden, Maine

Number of Runs:  8

Snow Conditions: Firm hardpack w/some ice showing, groomed, mixed, off piste was firm/uneven bumps underneath with 4-6" new snow

Demo or Own:  Own


Tester Info:  Started skiing 6 years ago with kids and haven't looked back.  This year spending more time off-piste than on.

Username:  bmoc

Age:  47

Height/Weight:  6' 2"  200 lbs.

Ski Days/Season:  30-40

Years Skiing:  6

Aggressiveness: Moderate(Finesse)

Current Quiver:  2015 Fischer Motive 86 ti 175 cm, Blizzard Magnum 7.6 177 cm, Dynastar Legend Sultan 85 178 cm

Home Area:  Camden Snow Bowl, Camden, Maine

Preferred Terrain:  groomers, bumps, off-piste