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GS Ski question

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Not the typical what ski should I get question :)


My Fischer RC4 feels kinda of funny when I am going very slow, starting to skate, or just being lazy on a cat walk.  They feel like they are swimming under me.  Only way to explain it is that one would think the base is convex.  It was stone ground not too long ago, and I have run a true bar across and things look fine.  I run a 1 degree base bevel.  Is this a typical sensation for stiffer narrow waisted skis, or is something out of whack?  I had a friend try them today and he noticed it as well.  He also said his son's gs skis feel the same, but they have not been ground for some time.  Once up to speed and putting them on edge, they are fine. 


Thanks Pete

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Just the feel of a ski with side-cut running flat I think.  Try tipping your ankles a bit on the cat tracks, you'll be in more control on edge and might even pick up a little speed.  A ski with a bigger radius will do this less and a tight turner like a SL ski will do it more.

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Never felt anything unusual with my GS skis on catwalks to write about it on a blog.

Did it start after the stone grind? Perhaps the bevel angle is much larger than you think it is?
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Originally Posted by nochaser View Post

Never felt anything unusual with my GS skis on catwalks to write about it on a blog.

Did it start after the stone grind? Perhaps the bevel angle is much larger than you think it is?

Not sure when it started.  The ski was not in use for a number of years.  I just started using it again for beer league racing.  Not a big problem, but the buddy I gave the ski to picked up on it as well, without me mentioning a thing.   It doesn't pose a problem per say, since after my second skate, I am always rolling on edge.  It just seems weird.  I do not feel anything like this with the slaloms.  


I wonder if it was a crappy stone grind and base bevel.  Ugh, I really don't want to stone grind it because it is running fast, but I just may do it.   

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Yeah I know a beer league racer in my home mountain who has a bevel angle meter, and he told me once that the bevel angles fresh out of a grind is not alway the way it should be... They may do a new grind for you for free.
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You could try lighty detuning the contact points on the shovel. If that doesn't make it track better you'll retune it anyways, so you don't have much to loose. Some people don't like detuning the contact points, but it works for some situations.
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You could also have a hanging burr on the base edge.  That'll make them track funny.  Easy fix, just run a hard stone or a diamond stone, preferably nothing more aggressive than a 400, flat along the base edge or even tipped very slightly toward the edge, the length of the ski.

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But he's not saying it's grabby or hooky, he's says it's swimming, which sounds like a different sensation. How were they stored? Could the camber be off on one or both? Or, were they detuned too much? Over beveled? Have you been skiing other skis in the mean time which have a different tune and now you're used to that tune instead of whatever you used to like?
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I definitely do not want to detune them.  This is a bit difficult to accurately explain.  It almost feels like I am base high.  The "swimming" feeling is only at that point that I begin to skate. I will not notice it once I am going.  Of course, I may not be able to hookup as well as I should, if something is off.  I wish I had a base flattener to reset things.  It sounds like the only way to tell if something is off is to do a stone grind and resetting the base bevels.  


How many waxings do I have to do if I do a grind?  Kills me to this because the bases are holding wax so nicely.  

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Did you use a real true bar with a flash light? I know @Atomicman posted a way at some point to check the bevel using the true bar and a flashlight. Don't go re-grinding the skis until you know the problem.

Put them on a flat surface and compare the camber, too.

Is the type of structure the same as your other skis? I know that I've had a heavy linear structure make the skis resistant to turning. Did they change the structure to a non-linear type?
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Swimming? Do you mean sort of shimming when they are flat?  If that is the case I wouldn't worry about it as you are skiing very neutral and balanced as  none of the edges are engaging.    I can do this on both my GS and SL (the looser the base angle say 1 the easier it is, the tighter say 0.5 the harder it is).  Personally it is the feeling I look for running on flats as you have the least drag.

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Did you change from a .5 base to a 1.0?  As mentioned above, if the ski isn't convex, a little wiggle is fine, it means you are flat on the base and your boots don't need canting.
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Ya, just a little wiggle.  I haven't used the ski for some time, so it felt a bit odd jumping on them again.  I can't remember for the life of me if it was always this way; probably was.

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