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Turn initiation

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More of a quick note than a full thread, perhaps, but I wanted to note that, in analyzing the way skis "naturally" want to react to edges being released, that skis with a skier on them naturally initiate to the back, not the front, of the ski.  Even true twin park skis are normally mounted just slightly back, even in the X Games, and so even those skis will initiate turns slightly easier switch than going forwards.  Playing with different mounting points can illustrate this effect, the classic example being Atomic race skis that can dramatically differ in personality depending on mounting point.  So, even if one has the subjective feeling that they can effortlessly create a forward turn through simply releasing edges and "allowing" the skis to "find the fall line," in fact there are active skier inputs contributing to that process. 

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I think that you are going to find that your astute approximation that there are skier inputs contributing to the process of the ski turning, especially with a skier on them, even more so while skiing backwards and regardless of a ski's own personality is a concept much too radical for anyone even loosely associated with the PSIA to understand. Personally, I am with you all the way on this one.

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