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Lake Louise Suggestions

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Heading to Lake Louise first week of March.  I would welcome any recommendations on favorite trails, or sections of the ski area.  Likewise I would welcome recommendations on where to eat.  We are staying in Lake Louise.  Thanks all.

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Take ice skates and a hockey stick with you

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Lake Louise is not really much more than a small strip mall and a gas station.  You're pretty much going to be eating at the hotel you're at.  Or maybe one of the other hotels if you feel like driving a bit.  The Korean food at the gas station is actually pretty good for not much $$. I stayed at the Lake Louise Inn and the food there was expensive ($20 for spaghetti and meatsauce) and not overly spectacular.  If you're at the Chateau Lake Louise I'm sure the food will be better, as will the view.  I suppose your budget dictates whether you enjoy the food or not!  :-)


At the hill, I preferred the front side downhill run mostly.  There are a lot of beginners there and they kinda get funneled into a few runs that can get a bit crowded (a bit...usually it's not very busy at Lake Louise).  If you stick to the downhill side (skiers right) there are less pylons.  Off the back, I liked the summit poma and then off the back.  Wide open bowl type skiing but depending on conditions it can be mostly hard snow.  But it's a nice view and an uncrowded area if you stay off the cat track.  There is a significant ski-out though that is quite flat so if you're boarding it's a bit of a pain.  The Larch area is on the left of this ski-out.  It's not crowded mostly but it's also not as much vertical.  A nice place to get away from people again.  On the right there are two lifts back up to the ridge to the frontside.  On this face further down there is a lot of advanced tree/bump skiing.  I found it fairly tough sledding but I'm not much of a tree skier frankly.  The Paradise chair gets you back up to the top of the open bowl.  There is also a nice lodge back there, Temple Lodge I think, that you can use when you're doing the backside and Larch areas without having to go back down to the front.  I wouldn't ski out from Temple Lodge..take the Ptarmigan chair back up and go down the front side, much more enjoyable unless you want a skate workout. 


I love Lake Louise..the scenery is just so nice.  The skiing, depending on your skill level, might be mildly disappointing..but it's a big mountain with lots of variety if conditions are good.  Enjoy, it's a beautiful place.

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really depends on type of skiing you like.

Frontside often will develop icy conditions if there is no new snow. Instead head to the left off the top of the poma and ski beside the snow fences nice pitch and the snow tends to drift in even when there has been no fresh. Below the poma down to base the old lift line can be fun.

Backside has Whitehorn chutes if you like steep, Paradise Bowl great cruising bumps. The entire ER area is fairly steep and has tree skiing lower down. The snow is always better on backside. We spend most of the day that side unless heading back to the Poma for another lap of the various Whitehorn routes. Don't think you'll get bored.


second the skates if you play hockey, there is always a cleared off section of the lake in front of the Chateau, prettiest rink you'll ever skate at.

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Focus on the paradise lift and the backside of the summit if you like steeps. Snow is almost always decent quality. Chalky. But thin.

The larch run is probably my favorite cruiser. Men's downhill and meadowlark can be fun too, but they are often hard packed.

Great trees on larch. Fall line glades on ptarmigan can be fun as well.

Exhibition, under the ptarmigan chair is a bumpy, stumpy, and rocky experience. Great fall line bumps with lots of.... Obstacles.

I eat at the restaurant at the alpine center quite often (peyto's?) It's cheap and pretty good.

Laggan's is a good stop for cookies/muffins or a breakfast to go.

Eating at the chateau is pricey.
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