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@Beenthereskier,  thank you for posting your review.  

I think you're right about a lot of points.  For my personal experience, I had an issue with the placement of the straps and laces directly over my instep.  If it were my own boot and not a test boot I may have done some modification on it to make it work for me.

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Thank you.


I've had similar intermittent high instep problems.  Sometimes it fit perfect and other times I developed a pain in the top of my instep.  I solved it by pulling the inner boot tongue back and down so it was firmly against my ankle and tightening the boas while holding the top wider to keep from squeezing my fat calves.  It took some experimenting and I have custom insoles which might have made this work.


New/different tech takes a while to get working just right.  At least these boots don't pack out while you are trying to get a glove like fit.

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(Many) reps are bums and don't help their product.  You obviously had an alignment problem based on the way your skis were acting.  I have to use the shaft cants or I'm  always on my outside edges-with shaped skis this can be very unpleasant.  On Birds of Prey it can be dangerous


I'm signed up to do Talon Crew this year again.  Maybe we'll meet in Bear lot again.

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I saw them on the way out the door today... when I was buying new snowboard boots....


while they don't specify, I can foresee them being a potential solution for a skier that also snowboards.  If I asked them if I can use it snowboarding, they'll probably tell me to burn in hell.

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The sole shape of an Apex boot is different than a typical snowboard boot.   I am just an intermediate snowboarder so I asked whether they would be OK for me to use.


From the Apex guys on using them for Snowboarding: 

 You can use Apex as a snowboard boot. Most of the snowboard bindings have no issues. If the binding is more than 7 years old it might be too big in the heel. Newer bindings are still a little big in the heel but not an issue for intermediates.


So, check for heel hold in your bindings.  If you don't have any slop, you are good to go snowboarding.   


If you are competing, use a high performance snowboard boot (duh).

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They can be just saying that generically, as they did not go out an test against all the major snowboard binding manufacturers.


I know my DC shoes boots run a larger shell which requires me to run a larger size burton binding.


yesterday, I bought a Burton Ruler boot...  "same size", but now requires me to buy a smaller binding for both my boards.  I can run the new boot in my current bindings, with some heel slop.

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There is an ISO standard (ISO 11634:1996) for snowboard boots and bindings so the latest bindings should all be similar in fit.  Apparently the older spec had a bigger heel.


You should only use Apex boots in a newer snowboard binding as the older ones will have too much heel movement.


That means I'll have to get new bindings if I wanted to try snowboarding in my Apex.  Probably not going to happen. :(

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I just got new Apex MC2 ski boots at a discount and got them nicely fitted at the shop.  The boot has some shims for the back of the boot that regulate how stiff it is and I can see already that I will need the black one for the greatest stiffness already.  The dual BOA system is nice but does not secure your foot quite as snug as a traditional ski boot does.  I like that the boots feel really athletic and fit extremely well and seem quite warm and toasty too.   


I always feel like I am going to kill myself when walking up and especially down any stairs in traditional ski boots and in fact one time had to awkwardly "rescue" myself by hanging on to a railing and nearly knocking into others at a ski lodge, so I am really excited about having a "walkable" boot.    Have not had the chance to ski in my new Apex boots yet, but I feel pretty confident and secure, but doubt I will necessarily ski any better than in my well fitting Lange RX-2 boots.  I do not know if the bigger footprint on the ski that the Apex boots provide will change the feel of the ski as well.  


I appreciate all of the excellent comments on this thread about APEX boots and will be interesting to see how this technology takes off and what others experience with this new boot systems are.

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I will just add if you have messed up feet like me and still want to ski these boots are a God send. May not deliver the performance some need but they will keep those on the slopes that still want to be but suffer terriblly with foot issues. I especially appreciate the apres ski option of getting out of the chassis and having cocktails by the fire in basically a snow board boot. It has saved me from agony or walking around the lodge in stocking feet to then barely be able to get my boot back on due to swollen feet. Consider these a perfect option for what they really are meant to provide.
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