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maybe freeride skis

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Hello to all the members of the community! 


I want to buy another pair of skis, apart from the carving skis I already have. I want to use them off-piste mainly, but I want them still be good on piste, feeling stable for some short/long carving. I am looking for some freeride skis (or maybe are all-mountain suited better?) . I am skiing in Europe and I'm 6'0''. What do you think? Can you recommend me some skis?

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I would say for the terrain you describe you're probably looking at all mountain skis, not freeride skis.  For mostly off piste skiing and since you already have a pair of carvers I would recommend something around 100mm in width.  I personally own Blizzard Bonafides (although mine are a few years old), and they're a very popular ski in the category so they would be a good starting point for your search .  If at all possible though, go demo some other similar skis and see which ones you like.

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