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02 Scream 10 Pilots

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Okay so last year there were some pretty interesting discusions here and in the review section on the Pilots and Ski/Binding combos in general. This year there are more of these "combos" on the market. Any of you besides me have any or are going to buy any? How do you feel about the combos now that there are more on the market?
I had 192 foam core Scream 10 Pilots last year. All in all I liked them but figured I could have got by with 186's and had a little more fun in steep bumps. Any way mine had a factory defect with the edges so Salomon said send em back at the end of the season. I just picked up the new 02's. I went to a 186. Can't wait to give em a shot! They are a green irridescent (sp?) color, change to blue and gray. Kind of cool looking but I don't really care about that. Just can't wait to ski em. Anyone try any late last year? I know there were a couple of you guys that skied them and the Crossmax (which seems like it's going to be a killer from what I've read).
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AK, I think you will like the Pilots. Much better edge hold than the foam core model. Good all mountain ski. I am on the Crossmax 10 Pilot and I think it's a great ski and much more versatile than advertised.
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My girlfriend skis on the Crossmax 8. She's really happy with them though she's only had a dozen or so days on 'em. We just gave the demo pair back to the Salomon rep on Saturday and she's now skiing on her own pair.

I tried the Pilot 10 last year. I thought it was superb at doing rounded carved turns on groomed steeps where you could really feel the ski flex without the boot altering the flex pattern. It was also somewhat more stable than an X-Scream Series. Other'n that, I don't think Salomon's first attempt was very good. Maybe this year's wood core version of the Pilot 10 is better?
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AK, my Scream 10 Pilots (186) just arrived last week. I skied on them last spring at a demo in Park City and liked them better than the '00-'01 version. For my skiing preference, I would rather ski the Crossmax, but the price on the Screams was better. They're a great, smooth arcing ski. Not the most energetic ski but good enough for this hacker. Besides, I've got a pair of Dynastar Intuitiv Bigs for backside skiing.
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The Pilot 10s and Crossmax 10s sound very similar. Anyone ski them both? How do they differ in performance/feel?
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Check Lucky's postings on Consumer Reviews. You can also find some comparisons from last winter with the search function.
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mike-m, I have skied both, but have more time on the Crossmax 10. The Crossmax 10 has great edge hold and a fairly stiff tail, it is pretty quick edge to edge. The Scream 10 Pilot is more of a round turn ski and requires less effort from the operator. It is more forgiving than the Crossmax especially if you get in the back seat.

I bought the Crossmax 10 because I wanted a ski with good performance on the hardpack. I think the Scream 10 Pilot is a better all mountain ski and been improved significantly (edge grip and energy) with the addition of a wood core and double wall construction. I also bought the AK Rocket so I will have a good ski for the backcountry. If I hadn't gone with the two ski quiver I probably would have bought with the Scream 10 Pilot.
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