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Smoothing the ski slope

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This is one of the machines used to smooth the ski snow all night working on that tomorrow this all perfect to ski ...



Pas de la casa (Andorra)

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I hear Kruger is moving into the ski resort market now ........


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At Sun Peaks, for $40 you get to ride around for 45 minutes as a passenger in a Piston Bully while they do their regular nightly  grooming. Usually the operator enjoys having a passenger and it is more convenient to take the person out for 1.5  hours or more.


The cab of a Piston Bully with its modern design and lots of dials and switches kinda looks like the inside of an aircraft. In the dark with the cab forward design, when descending a drop off, the snowpack disappears from sight, you can't see the machine's tracks, and since you are higher in the air than when on skis, a sensation of flying is created. I highly recommend it.

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We had a very good weather...


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