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my lower calf is killing me.

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So last yr in UT, skiing in the same boots I have been on for 10 yrs. Technica, vento 8. Never had a problem before last year. Day 1 no problem just usual stuff (a little sore, inside ankle rub), Day 2 go to Alta, Fresh snow upper mountain, Pretty steep run, make a turn or two and my heel is lifting out of bottom of boot an inch or more, so I crank down on the middle two straps. By the end of the day my calf muscle wont move, Ankle stuck at 90degrees all day, rest of week miserable, need to keep boots to loose to ski anything steep.  Tons of stretching pre and post ski. I go home and forget about it. I strap everything on last weekend and hit the local hill with the kids, everything pretty loose since I am skiing with a my kid who is making the transition from pie to parallel.  Lower calf gets super sore again. The boots were barely strapped on.


So me - 44 yr old, 200lbs intermediate who skis 10 days a yr, 5-7 out west. I have been cycling and lifting more than ever.  Just wondering if my calves grew enough to make these boots to painful to use. I have tried every which way when it comes to adjusting the fit via the ratchets. Not sure if this ratio is big, small, good or hard to fit. At top of boot, my calf is about 17 inches and my ankle is about 9.5 inches.


Leaving for UT in 2 weeks, at this point I think I am going to rent while out there. These things will be useless.  


Is it the boots?

My calf?


Any suggestions, could these boots be saved with inserts?

Is it time to get new boots?

Any suggestions in Park City?

Will arrive on Wednesday and not ski till Thursday, could I get fitted in a day and have them on my feet?

What does a pair of boots cost these days, could a set I use for the next 10 yrs be purchased for 500?


Like I said above, love skiing, only get 10 days yr in, don't see my skills getting more advanced, but love the challenge. I don't see the days increasing by more than another 3-5 as the kids come on line with skiing.

Not as concerned with the absolute best performance highest cost boots, but a little comfort that could keep me connected to my skis for the next ten years would be great.....



Thanks, in advance.

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An 80 flex boot by any manufacturer would be too soft for your 200 lbs and skill lever, not enough support to aid you, you have to do all the work, remember, support is not support, unless it holds you up.


A 17 inch calf would push your knee so far forward over your foot, that you would have to sit back and over use your quads and calves---might be a strained calf problem, probably related to this issue.


Solution---get a more upright boot in at least a 120 flex.  See someone with knowledge in setting up fore/aft balance as it relates to boots and your morphology..



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Your heel is lifting out of the boot about an inch and when you buckle it tightly enough to hurt, it does.  No surprise here


You are in on of the largest volume boots on the market.  Is your foot that big?  Should be EE with high instep, thick ankle and heel to even go near that boot.  You also don't list your foot size and boot size in Mondo so don't know if you also bought the boot too large as well.


So if you have at all an average foot no problem with understanding why the boot hurts.  If all of this fits then Mike is absolutely right.  Get another boot, probably lower volume and maybe shorter.



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Thanks for the feedback, Boot is 28. Foot is 11 inchs. I don't believe my foot is that big and I have no issue finding street footwear and fit into normal width shoes.


Looks like Ill spend the weekend reviewing and educating myself so when I go for the next set of boots I can tell if the person so doing the right things or just selling me a pair of boots,


Is there any type of certification for bootfitters?

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At 11 inches your foot is just about 28cm long---if it is not thick and meaty (high volume) you might well fit into a lot of boots marked 27.5 and your toes will be fine after the boot breaks in.




read through the above article and pay close attention to how to "shell fit" a boot---then shell fit the boots you now have and any other boot you might buy in the future.  Pay little attention to what size the boots are marked, just so long and the shell fit is correct and if the shop doesn't perform a shell fit on you-----Run!:cool


I think your boots were always too big and you were compensating (read "overuse" problems here).


good luck



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