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What we all think we look like:



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What we all actually look like:


OK maybe I'm exxaggerating a little, and apologies to Colorado and thanks for the use of the pic you so bravely posted.

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Your funny Old Goat, are you skiing at Mt. Bachelor? We are going to be there this year sometime, I got the 3 days for $109 deal.


When I first started racing and saw the videos I realized that I was skiing the course like I was free skiing, as that is what I had done for my whole life up until then. With couching from some pro race couches and good racers I was lucky to ski with I learned to do race turns and my position and time improved quite a bit.

Each ski discipline has it's own methods and the difference between race skis and powder skis are quite a bit; in the old days before shaped and fat skis we mostly skied on GS skis out West and I skied on SL back East.

One has to take into account that the way you ski racing, in moguls, recreational, and powder are a bit different, but they all use the same basic dynamics.

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How about if we call it inside knee? I do agree skis do move back and forth, and the tipping part is right on, there is obviously a transition and it is not static. I think this is more a issue of language.

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Hip rotation/pendulum? One knee behind the other? Sounds like we' re coaching hip dumping with an A frame... Can you clarify?


A-frame was that a 70’s thing, where you put your knee on the un-weighted knee and made an A? That would leave one ski flat and not on edge if I remember right, not what we do today. I did not write my post very well sorry. Lets say you use your feet, ankles and knees with your hip floating above them, still not the best but better.
When I was a kid people would say “if there is no light between your legs your good”, so much has changed.
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