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Picking a PT

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Compared to many of the injuries I read about here, my seperated AC Joint is minor by comparison, but is still a pain in the neck, literally!

I finally got a referral to go see a therapist and found that I don't have any idea how to choose one.

I read here that you need to pick the RIGHT PT for your situation, and hopefully one with sports injury experience.

My Ortho guy would not suggest any one particular PT, leaving it up to me to decide.

So far I have polled my friends and 2 or 3 names keep coming up as being good.

Any other ideas? What sort of questions should be asked to help make the decision?

Any ideas?


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In an ideal world, you would be able to find a PT who is a skier. Tell whoever it is that you are a patroller and a skier, and your goals are to be able to return to doing this. From there, you need to "read" their reactions.
Maybe we should have an epicski list of Physical Therapists?
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Networking is important.

Some sources:
1 - Any community organization like the Elks. They always have a list of who does what. Ask a member, they all network and refer.

2 - Ask a larger ski patrol(maybe even Regional)for suggestions. They have had injuries also! Maybe one of their members is a PT?

3 - Any colleges nearby that teach PT?

Good luck.
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pick the PT that makes you cry during therpy & better the rest of the time.
ask around. most ski towns/areas are full of people with PT recs or nos.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by skier_j:
My Ortho guy would not suggest any one particular PT, leaving it up to me to decide.

SJ, since you have the same initials as the real me, I think I can offer you some advice. There is a very good PT I know who posts on this forum. She is pleasant in her manner, and knowledgeable.
Do a search on member #697. You could do worse, but you'll struggle to do better!

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Fox, you are a sweetheart, but I'm not a Physical Therapist. I've studied some post rehab, and since some of my fitness programs involve injury prevention, they are PT based.
I am not allowed to diagnose or treat an injury. I can take referrals from physical therapists for post re hab.

There is a BIG issue going on in the US about Personal Trainers using the initials PT after their name. Physical Therapists are up in arms about this.
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Great suggestion, the thought occured to me as well. But, alas, LM is not a physical therapist!

However, Cambridge and my town are seperated by a rather large distance considering the referral is for 2 times per week for 30 or 40 minutes!

If I had knee injury (or something similar that would potentially affect my life style) Iwould be happy to travel in order to get the best treatment.

I view this as an inconvience to be dealt with by seeing the best available local therapist. BTW the local field has been narrowed to 1 (thats right one) person and I have an appt Wednesday afternoon.

SJ (my moniker---not your initials)
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Did I ever mention my mother's maiden name is Gallagher?

Does this allow me admittance to the clan?

Fully 50% Irish, I believe. My Father's father was not much for geanealogy (sp) Always said---don't look to far---you may find a relative hanging from the end of a rope! British Isle's I think. Which would make me what--50% Irish?

I'll send the paternal surname by PM if you wish.
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Skier_J, I shall add you to the Barking Leprechauns list.

Sorry about getting your location wrong, but I just saw that both signatures had MA in them, so I reckoned you would be at the most 2-3 hours apart. I guess it shows all I know about US geography!

Just looked at a map, and I now realise that you live on one side of the state, and LM on the other.


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Mass is only 2-3 hours long.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by skier_j:
Mass is only 2-3 hours long.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

You should try a different priest. Round here, if they go much over an hour, the congregation switch off.

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Good thing you're not Episcopalian. Three hours and you have to stand every time you sing, and kneal every time you pray!
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I really must be more careful phrasing things! And on a sunday morning at that!

Mass as in short for Massachusetts, is only 2 to 3 hours from west to east.

Missed Mass to.

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Hey SJ,
So you are only about 2 hours from LM. That's not too far, and if you wanted a good Personal Trainer, I think she'd be worth the round trip!

Sorry about earlier humour, I've just had a freaky day.

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Don't apologize about the humor, I left you with a perfect opening---quite by accident!

I got a good chuckle as well!
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