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Glueless climbing skins for my Goats

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I'll be short and to the point.

I'm looking to buy glueless climbing skins to use with my Gotama 2012 (137-106-122 in 186 cm length)

Apparently every shop and their cousin has run out of supplies of wide skins here (not to mention glueless).

I found a Kohla glueless climbing skin set which fits in length but it's "only" 120mm wide.

Would you pair the two? Or should I look for at least a 130mm wide skin set?

Got time until friday evening to decide. Then I'm off to one week skiing and...don't know.


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120 is the right size

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Ok "trigger pulled". ;-)
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Planning next buy now....same shop has a pair of blizzard wrc piston with marker comp 16....40% off listed price...but this is material for another thread....
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