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Slide Boards

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Any suggestions for slide boards? I've got a 72-inch board that seems too short for my tastes.

Any links, suggestions for mixing it up, etc are appreciated. KeeTov: nothing too funky that will leave me in a body-cast please
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Tangletongue, oop, Tanglefingers... oh, Tanglefoot. I ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE!!!!

Simple stuff is to rotate(on the board). Do 180, 360, etc.

While sliding (with or without rotating), do squats.

While sliding (with or without rotating), play catch with someone.

Stand with your feet pointing the length of the board...push off into a forward lunge. When you get to the other side, push off into a "reverse lunge".

Only do what you are comfortable with, capable of doing, with supervision, and only after checking with your Doctor or Lisamarie, whoever you trust more.

Oh, I can dream up more if you want!!! [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I was going to mention the slide/squat and the play catch.

You can also put the booties on your hands. Put your hands on the board. As you do a push up, slide your hands together. Good for scapula stabilization that helps with pole plants.

Come into a push up position with your feet, with booties on the board, hands on floor. As you do your push up, slide your legs together.

Kneel at the edge of the board, holding on to bumper. Slide your legs back, as if doing squat thrusts, then bend them back in. Great for bumps!

Come to the center of the board, and practice steering exercises for the feet.

Let me know if you want more!
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So Tanglefoot, having fun yet on your slide board?????

What have you tried? What successes (thinking positive here)?? [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Just the basics, will play around with a 4-kilogram medicene ball while I'm on the board. Throw in some hand weights as well.

Anybody point me in the direction of longer board? 72 inches just feels cramped.
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