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You pretty much need these on 6 packs because....


1. Most people aren't skiing in a group of 6 so strangers are sharing a chair. Lot of times strangers who will end up on the same chair don't line up in a nice even line with the people who they will eventually share a chair with- they have personal space concerns so hang back or forward.

2. In a standard queue it becomes really tough to figure out how many people are lining up to which chair.

3. "Cattle Chutes" make it clear who and how many are getting on that next chair. If you don't have a space, you mis-counted.

4.Counting to six is 50% more difficult than counting to 4.

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Forming a wedge at either the loading or the unloading point results in someone's ski tails on the tails of someone else. You do not want that to occur.
What should a beginner do on an off load slope?
Yes, go straight when you get off keep your weight forward. But first, tell all chair-mates that you're a beginner and are nervous. Trust me, they'll provide you with as much room as they can rather than get knocked over themselves.

As far as I can tell, gates are needed before a conveyor in order to get people on the belt roughtly at the same time; otherwise one person gets on, a few feet later a skier who jumped the gun and is further down the belt tries to squeeze in, and yet another early skier else is way at the end of the belt waiting to get hit by the fast moving chair.

There are gates for mid-mountain loading at the Alta's Collins Angle Station because the base lifties only leave about every 10th or 11th chair empty; the gates open when the chair before the empty one clears the loading area.
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Hahaha, I was taking a newb through this very lift maze on Monday.   We went through it maybe 8 times.   Twice he got separated from us, twice his girlfriend put her poles on the back side of the gate and thereby blocked them from opening and once they caught him on the pants leg as he went through the gate late.    

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Anybody else remember how difficult it was back in the T-Bar days?  The worst possible uphill travel scenario was a tall person and a short person getting paired up together on a T-Bar.  I was very small as a tween and teen so it happened to me a lot.  You guys got it easy today hahahahaha! 

Worst is tall person and boarder, especially when the tall person hikes the T-bar up after the boarder positions it.:eek


There sure were a lot of short boarders at Breck last time I visited :D:eek:)

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hate T-bars don't mind Pomas, they are still the lift of choice for many summer glaciers 

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