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Sugarbush vt

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Goin to sugarbush from this fri to tues..what are some must hit trails and glades..I am a agreessive advanced skier
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There is countless amounts of good stuff at Sugarbush that advanced skiers will like.


For starters:  everything off the Castlerock chair.  With all the new snow that Vermont has been getting, you will not be alone in heading over there.  That's probably the most famous of Sugarbush's terrain.


Also, Mad River Glen is literally across the street from Sugarbush (no snowboarders allowed though if you have them in your group).  It's worth a detour over there if you have some flexibility in your schedule.

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Thank you
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south gets hit hard with skiers/riders, Castlerock is on the south, try Sugarbush north for less crowds, work trees/glades between the trails and you can find some stuff, top of the mountain at Organgrinder I believe you can find nice woods skiers left. Get a run into Slidebrook, good stuff in there, Might be worth checking into a guide service for that ,you don't just want to follow a set of tracks in there though. 2nd Kevin F MRG call,  but hit that on Fri or Mon weekend crowds are large for their lift system

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Goin to sugarbush from this fri to tues..what are some must hit trails and glades..I am a agreessive advanced skier

I don't know the glades that well, but the trails:


Mount Ellen: FIS and Black Diamond off the Summit Quad are relatively short <1000 ft, but steep and typically bumped up.  Bravo and Exterminator off of the North Ridge Express are also pretty good.


Lincoln Peak: Castlerock as a whole is a good start.  Paradise off of the Heaven's Gate Triple is a decent run for this as well.  Finally Lixi's Twist/Lower Twist, the Mall and Stein's Run are all great off of the Valley House Double/Super Bravo Express.

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I was just at Sugarbush yesterday. While I cannot speak to the more advanced trails and glades I can offer some observations from my Wednesday visit when crowds were super duper low.


There was zero ice, except in between a few sections of bumps visible and audible from the Super Bravo quad. Most bumps still appeared to have a nice soft crown when I tried, and somewhat failed, at challenging myself on the bumps off of Ripcord skier's left.


Deep Sleeper woods off the Gate House and Eden woods off the Super Bravo were well skied off. Did not look like any ice was in there, but nothing "fresh" in the cleared areas. Plenty of trees along the sides of trails still had powder--even areas I was willing to dip in and out of from intermediate trails like Jester and Downspout.


Slide Brook was largely untouched on my ride back and forth to Mt Ellen from Sugarbush/Lincoln Peak.


Mt Ellen definitely had fewer people and upper mountain conditions were some of the best I have skied all year.


At Lincoln Peak, snow seemed to be holding up best on the trails near the Valley House double, and the upper mountain lifts, which would include Castlerock. Some of the escapes/run outs that were groomed never had tracks all the way past 3pm.


Skiing was very good, and any snow today will only make it better.

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