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Just updating this page because I got to demo another couple of killer skis last week- Feb 4th 2015. Mostly shallow soft-pack with occasional ice.


Fischer RC4 RC 175cm: White with a bit o'Green at the tip. This is the best ski I have ever skied.    Amazing combinations of edge-grip and damping and easily variable arcs and range of arcs. BUT the thing that really shocked me was Turn Exit.   Hydraulic-Magnetic-Quantam-physics at its best... And did I say smooth ?  Predictable with no hint of high-side. Mind-blowing.


Blizzard S-Power FS 167cm. ( 68mm waist ) Bought this one just before Christmas from ( free shipping in Canada,eh ).

I have been having a blast on these. Not as threatening as a true WC Slalom. Great grip and hi-performance levels for everyday ripping of Infinitely Variable Arcs and have not had a hint of High-side.  My buddy has Atomic FIS SL's and they are stronger and apparently have no speed limit: The blizz's do; but I have too much fun turning before that limit.


Stockli Laser SX 170cm.  Again; another NEW SKI.  This ski no slouch but felt a bit lighter; a bit shorter... shoulda taken the 175's. Great Grip... I could also say softer feel and easier fore-body than the Fischer RC4 RC.   ps: saw a video review where they said the SX skied easier than the GS = True- probably.


pps: Mag-Lev reviews here: