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jaobrien6, how are you finding things up at Big White? I managed to get in 2 great days 2 weeks ago in the 6-8" dump but then was away. I went up on Sunday for a few hours with a friend who wasn't real confident in the crud so we did cruisers. Weird icing sugar on top and firm under but Sunday had a bit of cold wind. Are we looking at Spring skiing conditions now or is it still firm? All and all, Big White looked to be holding up pretty good with the base. That 200-300 extra elevation, and being in the interior, does make a big difference.


I came home yesterday so I last skied on Wednesday.  Coverage isn't too bad (especially compared to what we're seeing in WA right now) but as of Wednesday things are pretty firm on most of the mountain.  Monday and Tuesday had some pretty good afternoon softening in the sun, but Wednesday was more overcast and didn't soften up much at all.  Up top in areas like the t-bar and the falcon chair, things aren't *quite* as firm because I don't think there had been as much thawing up there.  IMO on Wednesday, the best runs of the day were first thing in the morning on the fresh groomers.  Most of the off-trail stuff is a pretty firm, bumpy ride due to the refrozen conditions.

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Now in Golden, so no worries.  The crowd in Revelstoke looked very young.  Lots of folks in their 20s and quite a few busloads unloading at various lodging venues.  We had no problem at all with lodging in Golden.


Revelstoke was as I expected, hard, but edgeable on the groomed and firm an lumpy off.  We skied groomers which were OK until about 1:00 when we bailed because it was getting scraped off on anything approaching steep and the sugar got really deep on the low angle stuff.  Better than back home, though.  The lower mountain is worthless, rocks and dirt everywhere on anything fun.  Only the green cat tracks were skiable.  I recommend down loading from the top of the gondola.

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