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Recovery after surgery

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I have been skiing since 1985. When I was 11y.o I was diagnosed as having lower back problems resulting from an extreme growth , that is I grew more than 50cm taller in one year. The pain never got away and it was always a problem after skiing and sometimes when “extreme”skiing even during the day. In May 2000 I changed my work occupation and had to pretty much sit in a chair from 9 to5 . As I was getting ready to start skiing for the 2000/1 season my lower back pain gor worse. Because of my stupidity I never took it seriously, and the end result was a 2 week stay in the hospital and finally surgery on Jan.1 2001 for a herniated disk.
The doc advised me to not return to my usual pre-surgery habits , which were skiing, 3 times a week 20km rollerskating in the city streets and other sports I was used to doing , for at least 1 year.
I have now contacted a physiatrist (I am not sure this is the right term) and he has offered to help me get back on my previous way of life.
He is a cross country skier with 20years of practicing medicine in Norway , and I have high hopes.
Are there any specific exercises that I could do for skiing ?, keeping in mind that for the last year I have been modestly inactive . Although the physiatrist said I have enormus abdominal muscle strength as well as strength on the muscles on my back ( don’t know the name) I know what they were before and what they are know and have told him so. I have a year of training before hitting the slopes for the 2002/3 season and I am very serious in my commitmet to return at least to the status I was before surgery.I am only 36y.o damn it. :
Has anyone else had similar surgery and if yes what was your rehab program?

Thank you
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Welcome to epicski, Olympus. It is good that your physitherapist particpates in snow sports. That way you will have an appropriate rehab program for skiing.

Although your abdominals are strong, they are probably your rectus, more external abdominals, which do very little to support your back. You will probably be put on a program that involves the use of your transverse abdominal muscle. This muscle not only supports your back, but it is important for balance and proprioception, which are crucial for skiing.

Since most of us are not medical professionals, we cannot recommend specific exercises over the internet. And even the few doctors we have on this board would probably not give out therapy type exercises without seeing you in person.

Good luck, and keep us posted!
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