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Abdominal strain

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I have an injury I've never suffered before, this abdominal strain. I gather I need to rest it until the pain is completely gone; does anyone have experience with this, ie, any idea how long this might be? My four-day ski trip is coming up in less than a week, and I'm quite irritated.

I believe I hurt it slightly in a fall skiing last Saturday, and then aggravated it bit by bit over the week playing tennis every day. Now I have a major tender spot on my belly. I've been icing and trying to rest, but so far it isn't getting much better.
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First, get thee to a doctor, PLEASE!!!

There are 3 types of abdominal strain:

A first degree strain damages a few muscle fibers. It does not become evident that there is injury until after the activity is over. There will be a cramping sensation when the muscle is contracted.

A second degree strain damages more muscle fibers. There is immediate pain, and the muscle is sore to the touch.

A third degree strain is a complete rupture of the muscle. There is an immediate stabbing sensation, and there may be a bulge. This is called a hernia.

A grade one injury takes about 3 weeks to recover, grade 2, 4-6, grade 3 often requires surgery and takes 3 months.

Good Luck!
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As always, thanks Lisamarie. But that ISN'T what I wanted to hear. :P Sounds like I'm at grade 2; I'm sure it isn't a complete tear.
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I'm sorry! Please don't shoot the messenger! Keep in mind, I'm only going by my textbooks. Everybody has a different healing time.

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One more thing. In the past you have spoken about a back problem. You need to be careful while the abdominal muscle is healing, since your abdominals support your back. Ask your PT if its okay to practice your pelvic floor exercises while its healing.
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